Buying Books at Auctions

Book Lovers Find Treasures Through Auctions

Reading like a combined catalog from the Library of Congress and the New York Times Best Sellers List from the last century or so, most online auction sites’ book offerings are more than mind boggling. Providing buyers with choices that are simply hard to beat and prices that are sometimes unbeatable, these sites are wonderful finds for book lovers who prefer to own their own volumes.

The kinds of books buyers will find online range from rare, first editions to brand new titles in fiction and nonfiction. There are even textbooks, directories, magazines and more to be found online.

In the fiction department, buyers will find just about every genre imaginable and maybe even some they haven’t considered. Hot items at online auctions include thrillers, romances, crime novels, horror, fantasy and more.

In the nonfiction department, the array is impressive. Biographies, textbooks, historical pieces and beyond can be found.

In general, most sites have at least the following categories and often much more:

* Antique books. This is a category loved among collectors. It generally includes books that span the ages and sometimes involves first editions, too. Books will range from pristine condition to those with some serious damage, but for the collector a few spots or a torn cover sometimes isn’t the end of the world.
* Signed books. These will be signed by the authors, but unfortunately oftentimes are signed for someone else. Though, for the serious collector, the signature of the creator is enough to warrant some added value.
* Textbooks. Old textbooks and even new ones can be found online.
* Current titles. Individual buyers who read a book and no longer want it often offer up their copies online for a fraction of the cover price. Bookstores, too, provide a variety of titles through their own virtual storefronts on auction sites.
* Out of print titles. For the reader looking for a specific title that’s out of print, these sites can be a dream come true. With sellers from all over the place offering titles that date back decades and beyond, auction sites are generally a good place to look for out of print titles in fiction and nonfiction.

Whether a buyer is looking for a brand new book or one that’s a hundred years old, auctions online are a great place to start a search. With “mainstream” titles and oddities that span a variety of genres, the selection is great and the prices generally are more than acceptable for the merchandise. Plus, for those who have turned book collecting into a serious hobby, some interesting finds can be had through online auctions.