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4 Essential Tips in Buying Bed Quilt Cover Sets

white brown and black textileQuilts are used as the basic covering layer for the bed mattress. It offers comfort and warmth, especially during the cold season. Just like the comforter, it brings overall warmth and coziness to the bed. People who plan to buy a new quilt cover for their bed should always consider many factors such as size, main fabric material, and design.

As an additional aesthetics in the bedroom, quilt cover sets are often sought in some households, ancestral homes, and especially hotel rooms. Queen Size Quilt Cover Sets are the most popular for being affordable, common size, easy to find, and have various styles and designs to offer.

What are Quilt Cover Sets?

Quilt Cover Sets are made of pure linen that gives extra comfort and warmth to the user. It usually comes with a package featuring coordinating pillowcases and quilt cover designs. It also brings out a transformation in the bedroom ambience that sets a mood for a good sleep and relaxation. Launching different quilt cover sets is becoming a current trend in a hotel-inspired luxury bedroom for stylish patterns, bold colours, and calming designs.

What to Consider in Buying Quilt Cover Sets?

  • Finding the Right Size

Make sure to identify the measurement of the bed itself before buying. Even though the design is beautiful, the proportionality still matters in both the comforts and the bed’s appearance.

Below is the wide range of sizes:

  • Single Size Quilt Cover Sets
  • Double Size Quilt Cover Sets
  • Queen Size Quilt Cover Sets
  • King Size Quilt Cover Sets
  • Super King Size Quilt Cover Sets
  • The Material Choice in Making Quilt

Quilt fabrics are made in different materials such as synthetic, luxurious silk, cotton, and flannel. The material affects the price difference of the quilt cover sets. At the same time, it includes the quilt’s durability and whether the material is easy to clean. Silk material is the most delicate fabric of a quilt cover, especially when pets get on the bed. It is also sensitive to scratches. Cotton fabric is recommended for bed users who have sensitive skin types.

  • The Thread Count

This refers to the measure of vertical and horizontal threads per 10 cm square on the quilt. Quilt covers with a high thread count trap the heat instead of allowing the air to flow freely; on the other hand, a low thread count allows the air to move freely to maintain the fabric’s soft feeling.

  • The Design and Style

Since quilt cover sets are considered an additional appeal to the bedroom’s overall aesthetics, the choice of design and style of the quilt will depend on the bedroom interiors. It needs to match and balance with the other accessories and colours inside the room.

For instance, a Japanese garden-inspired theme for a spa resort room needs matching quilt cover sets for its bed. The best design would be a purple wisteria flower print on the quilt cover and pillowcases. It blends in the ambience of relaxation and Japanese theme at the same time. Nevertheless, the design of a quilt cover set will only follow the plan of the bedroom interiors.

Bedroom decoration needs coordination in each piece of furniture, curtains, and even quilt covers of the bed for a balanced theme. Simultaneously, the goal of bringing warmth and comfort for the user is achieved in choosing the best quality quilt cover sets for your bedroom.

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