Buying Baby Items at Auctions

Baby Items Abound At Auction

It’s hard to believe that one tiny little person needs so much stuff. From strollers and diapers to clothing and toys, the list a new parent faces to purchase can be staggering. Since the new little one won’t come with his or her own income, many parents must find ways to make every penny count. Online auctions are a great way to go to ensure baby has it all and the budget doesn’t get broken.

Parents of newborns will find some items are more important than others, but here’s a listing of the types of things that really come in handy during those first precious weeks:

* Diapers. New babies go through a lot of them. If possible, check online auctions for bulk buys and perhaps even inquire about different sizes. That little one won’t stay in newborn diapers for long!
* Wipes. If new parents think they go through a lot of diapers, they’ll be shocked by the amount of wipes that are used.
* Clothing. Babies grow fast, really fast. Sometimes clothing goes unused entirely and thoughtful shower gifts are left with the tags still on. This is where new parents can really find a steal through auction. In general, newborns need about a dozen or so outfits. Go with items that are less complicated for easy changes.
* Receiving blankets. Used for everything from tucking baby in to wiping spit up, dozens of these are gone through in a typical week, if not more. Invest in a good stack of them.
* Car seat. Not only are these the law, they’re lifesavers. No baby should be put into a car without one, but that’s no reason to have to pay full price. Auction sites often have new and gently used seats available and sometimes the prices are amazing.
* Strollers. These likely won’t come in handy in the first weeks since it’s hard to want to put the baby down. A good large stroller and an easy to use umbrella stroller are generally all that’s needed when the time comes.
* Playpen. These come in handy down the road, but when they’re needed, they’re invaluable.
* Bassinet. For the first few months of life, baby is more than comfortable in one of these. The beauty is the fact they’re somewhat portable, so the little one can be moved from room to room with mom or dad.
* Crib. Of course!
* Safety items. Make sure to have items such as door latches, outlet covers, medicine droppers, nose syringes and so on from the start.

The list for new little ones goes on and on and includes such things as developmental toys, shoes, soaps, lotions and so on. Online auction sites often have these things and more offered by individual sellers whose babies outgrew things before they were even used or before signs of wear showed up. Plus there are retail sellers, too. Saving money is important when the family expands and these sites can help a parent achieve just that.