Buy Kenny Chesney Tickets For A Life – Time Experience

Buy Kenny Chesney Tickets For A Life – Time Experience

“The more you live, the more you know … and the more you experience, the more you reflect on everything around you. You become more aware, whether you want to or not – So, as an artist and a songwriter, you look for ways to see it and tell people about it, to see if they’re going through the same things … The thing about Be As You Are is once you write an album about realizations, finding a new way to live, it changes how you do this.”
– By Kenny Chesney.

Kenny Chesney writes from the heart. His songs, whether happy or sad, mirror his own life. Perhaps this is why his each song has managed to penetrate deep into the hearts of millions and made him a sensation. The proof is his self-written debut song ‘Be As You Are: Songs From An Old Blue Chair’ that climbed the top position on Billboard’s all-genre Top 200 and achieved platinum status within weeks.

His tickets sell in staggering figures! His three summer concerts drew millions of fans and outsold U2 by 200,000 tickets in the first half of the year 2005. Chesney is the only artist that has performed in stadiums in hard-to-please Pittsburgh, Washington DC, and Boston. His albums “When The Sun Goes Down”, “Greatest Hits”, and “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems” obtained quadruple platinum status. The last one sold around 2 million copies!

Among his smashing numbers are “Young,” “I Go Back,” and “Keg In The Closet”. As you hear his “Anything But Mine,” “For the First Time,” and “Don’t Happen Twice,” you get the flavor of first love. His songs “There Goes My Life,” “Back Where I Come From,” and “A Lot of Things Different” tell about life’s truths. His number “The Good Stuff” was awarded the Academy of Country Music Single of the Year. The song “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” was a breakthrough in the world of music.
With a collection of songs brimming with emotions and true feelings, Kenny Chesney’s concert is not to be missed at all. It’s going to give you memories that you are going to cherish forever. Chesney, who had been awarded with the Academy of Country Music Top Male Vocalist award in 2003, never fails to create a passionate atmosphere during a concert.

No doubt, the tickets for his show always vanish within days! And this time, with this Flip Flop Summer Tour, you can expect the same. A maddening crowd at the box office is a common sight at every concert of Kenny Chesney. If you don’t want to stand in the line waiting endlessly for the tickets, then dial a number or go online. If you are lucky, you might even get tickets for the front row!

Experience your life on stage. Feel the music of Chesney touch your heart and recall your own memories. His songs are not just to hum, but to remember. They drip the truth. They tell about Chesney and about you.