But I Don’t WANT to Target Market!

“Target Marketing, Schmarget Schmarketing – who needs it? I want a variety of clients, and I don’t want to eliminate anyone. The more kinds of people I market to, the more clients I’ll get, right??”

Does this sound like you? Believe me, I understand! I used to feel the same way, and just about all of my clients say the same thing to me in the beginning.

Target marketing is the cornerstone of all your marketing – the most essential element. Here are some examples…

*Target marketing in networking:
When you do formal networking in a group, the other people in the group want to be able to refer business to you. If you have not made it crystal clear exactly who you want them to refer to you, they won’t make the effort to try to figure it out and they won’t refer anyone to you. All of those people in the group are there to build their own businesses and work very hard to do that – they are not interested in working hard to build your business. You have to make it easy for them.

If you are stating in your 30 second intro that your best referral is “anyone who…” I can almost guarantee you will receive no referrals. The listeners are not going to send everyone they meet to you! Narrow it down for them and be very specific, then they’ll know who you want and will send them your way when they meet them. Here are some examples: Spanish-speaking homeowners in North Hollywood, professional women who complain of hot flashes, teachers who want additional income. See how you start thinking about whom you know who fits that description?

*Target marketing on your website:
You have about 7 seconds to catch the attention of your visitor – or they will click off. You have to make an emotional connection with them in that time. One of the components of making that emotional connection is writing your website copy to one person – your target. If you try to appeal to the general marketplace, your copy will sound generic and watered down. It will appeal to nobody.

By writing to a specific person, they will recognize themselves – “Hey, that’s me! Those are my problems she’s talking about!” Also, you have the opportunity for a visitor to recognize someone they know in your copy – “Hey! That’s my aunt!”

*Target marketing in your advertising:
When your ad, in print or online, is written with broad appeal in mind, it falls flat. Advertising is difficult enough to make successful, don’t further cripple your chances by making it generic. If you can substitute your competition’s name for yours and the ad is still true, it’s ineffective.

I know there is a LOT of fear around picking a target and marketing only to that target. The biggest fear is that you are turning your back on all the other business out there. Those people are still out there, and if they hear your message and want to do business with you, of course you can take the business.

Target marketing is for marketing purposes only. In order to make an emotional connection, your marketing message must be aimed at a specific group of people with specific needs and problems that you understand. Only then will referrals flow, and will customers be compelled to do business with you.

Copyright (c) 2007 Audrey Burton