Business in China: Does appearance matter?

In this article we will discuss an interesting aspect of business often not much talked about and usually remains secondary to all the technical talks of profit and loss economics. Yes, we are talking about the appearance of the person here, which includes various factors such as cloths, manners, personality and so forth. One might be tempted to ask what has that to do with the technicalities of e-commerce and international trade or business talks of import/export and global sourcing, but it must be remembered that no matter whichever technology is used the basic human element does not disappear from the perspective, and all activities associated with e-commerce, international trade, import/export or global sourcing are present for the benefit of human beings and do not exist for themselves. So wherever people are involved, their outfit and appearance also takes a prime place in the scheme of things and more so in meetings involving decisions about import/export, global sourcing or other forms of international trade either through traditional or e-commerce technology. Since our main topic of discussion is related to China and its growing volumes of international trade, import/export and global sourcing through e-commerce, it would be appropriate at this stage to take a look at some of the appearance facts that each executive involved in e-commerce, international trade, import/export or global sourcing should follow at least to some extent.

Try to wear subtle and sober colours whenever going for business meeting associated to import/export or global sourcing deals. This is the practice in China and although one might be tempted to ask that in international trade involving e-commerce, the personal touch is not of prime importance, yet it must be noted that even for activities carried out over the internet such as import/export or global souring deals, personal interaction might result at a later stage wherein e-commerce and international trade partners meet each other to discuss and review their deals and business processes.

Formal dress is literally mandatory as casual jeans/shorts etc. are not acceptable to the Chinese people whether they are dealing with local traditional trade meetings or international trade via e-commerce and other activities like import/export and global sourcing. Contrary to the western concept of openness it is considered quite indecent in China if a man touches a woman in public and should be avoided wherever in doubt. Of course the society is becoming less conservative currently in the era of e-commerce, international trade, import/export and global sourcing yet the tinge of this cultural instinct does remain deep inside China.