Business Gifts – Make it Easy, Affordable & Memorable

I don’t know about you, but starting in mid December my office is full of cookies and candies from the many vendors I use throughout the year. I love it all, however getting the jeans to fit in January can be a bit of a challenge. It got me thinking of some alternative gift ideas, and I share them here with you.

Consider these options:

Give a resource – one year after a recent postal increase, I printed rack cards with the new rates for first class and standard mail. Through the course of the year, I saw these taped to walls and put on bulletin boards as a reference. Of course, I had my logo and phone number on the rack card, reminding those who might be confused by the rate chart to give me a call and allow me to help. It worked as I actually reactivated an old client who hadn’t done a mailing in a while.

Make a donation – It’s always nice to make a donation to an organization. What about making donations in honor of your clients and sending them a note letting them know what you’ve done. This is a win-win because you help a non-profit and receive a tax deduction for your donation while creating goodwill with your clients/customers. This can be very effective if you’ve got many customers because you can make a donation of any size your budget will allow and send them all a letter notifying them of the generic gift.

Magazine subscription – Why not give a magazine gift subscription to your clients. You can select the magazine title that most interests them. I really like this because you can customize each gift and it arrives every month – a constant reminder of you and your company. I suggest sending your own letter notifying them of their gift – even if the publisher offers to send one for you. It’s just another reason to communicate and send them another business card. You can find greatly discounted magazine subscriptions here and get it all done today Another really great aspect of a magazine subscription – no wrapping and shipping.

The goal with any holiday gift giving is to stand out from the crowd and to make it something your clients will like and use. Time is ticking; don’t mist this great opportunity to create good will and be remembered all year.

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