Burn Fat with Green Coffee Bean Extract

Weight loss has fast become a major area of the supplement industry. With everyone feeling constant pressure to look their best, companies are burning the midnight oil to find the next big secret to help customers shed unwanted pounds.

The latest major supplement to be released is known as green coffee bean extract, created from unroasted coffee beans.

There are two major types of coffee plants: arabica and robusta. Coffee of the arabica variety is known to be richer in antioxidants than others. The key polyphenol antioxidants within this type of coffee are caffeic and chlorogenic acids. These antioxidants play a key role in the weight loss-supporting properties of green coffee bean extract, which makes looking for a supplement made from this type of coffee essential for quality.

Coffee is normally created from the seeds of the arabica, which contain 50 percent more phenolic acids than the fruit itself.

The main components that enable green coffee bean extract to be so effective are these two acids, which are vital in preventing glucose from being released into the bloodstream, eventually being stored as fat in the liver.

Cholorgenic acids also help keep blood sugar levels stable. Without fluctuating blood sugar levels, a person can experience better energy, mental clarity, hormone function and possible detoxification.

Green coffee bean extract also helps the body speed up the metabolic process, burning fat in areas such as the liver. In essence, green coffee burns fat through by increasing the efficiency of the digestive system and doesn’t allow new fat to form, producing weight loss results.

One of the reasons green coffee bean extract has taken off so quickly is the low levels of caffeine present within it. While most would associate the word “coffee” with caffeine, since these beans aren’t roasted, their chlorogenic levels remain intact without leading to symptoms like the jitters. Since the beans aren’t roasted or boiled, they also contain low levels of cafestol. Cafestol is normally present in coffee and increases the levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol.

The recommended dose is 800 mg taken 30 minutes before each meal. This gives the body time to speed up the metabolic rate before the stomach has to break it down. It’s also recommended to drink plenty of water with this supplement, since coffee has diuretic properties that could negatively impact an improperly hydrated body. There aren’t any known side effects reported with green coffee bean.

As with most diet pills, the most effective way to maximize the benefits of green coffee is to combine it with proper diet and maintain a regular exercise regimen.