Building Your Own Engagement Ring

How to Build Your Own Engagement Ring

Many couples have enjoyed the process of results of building their own engagement rings. Thanks to technology, the process of designing the perfect ring for the two of you has become streamlined and simplified. You can even build an image of what the ring will look like using Internet resources before you ever even make the purchase!

When building your own engagement ring, there will be a number of considerations to keep in mind, including the diamond, setting and design. Here is an overview of each of these three important categories that you will have to work out during the design process. Before you begin your design, it is important that you know fairly precisely what you want from each of these three categories:

When it comes to selecting the perfect diamond, you will have the four C’s to take into consideration. These four C’s are cut, clarity, carat and color. The clearer and higher the carat of the diamond will correspond with a higher price of the stone. If you are on a budget, then it is important for you and your fiancĂ© to determine which of these characteristics you are willing to compromise on.

You will also need to select a cut for your diamond. The cut is basically the shape of the diamond and will come in a host of varieties, from heart-shaped to princess, round and oval. It is up to your future fiancé to determine which cut she would like to choose.

The setting of the ring is basically how the diamond is attached to the engagement ring band. A cathedral setting will raise the diamond high above the finger while an in-set ring will surround the stone with metal. The cathedral setting makes the ring look larger, but it also increases the chances of the diamond getting stuck on a piece of clothing and of the diamond falling out. The in-set is the safest setting if you do not want the ring to get in the way of your daily activity.

The design of your ring is the overall look and feel of the piece. It incorporates the style and shape of the diamond, the color of the whole piece, the setting and any stones or carvings on the side of the ring next to the diamond. Your design of your ring should suit your unique style and should be something that you are proud to show off as a testament to your shared love.