Building Self-Confidence: How to Initiate a Virtuous Cycle, Part 2 of 2

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Part 2 of 2
In Part 1 of this report you learned how your self-confidence is
formed and how it is extremely sensitive to your experience and
outside influences. In this part, you’ll learn what you can do to
improve your self-confidence.

How to Build Your Self-Confidence
The good news is that a negative self-confidence cycle is
completely reversible! You can learn how to eliminate existing
negative thought reflexes and replace them with positive thought
reflexes. By mastering a few easy techniques you’ll be able to
recognize and reject negative programming before you allow it to
begin to erode your confidence.

There are dozens of techniques to help you build your
self-confidence and self-esteem. These include:
· Positive Affirmations
· Guided Visualization
· Mental Imagery
· Goal-Oriented Meditation
· Breathing Techniques
· Subliminal Programming
· Whole-Brain Learning

Here’s one simple technique you can start using today that will
help you initiate a virtuous cycle of improved self-confidence.

Using Positive Affirmations to Build Self-Confidence
Positive Affirmations are carefully-worded positive statements
that you repeat to yourself and are designed to establish new
thinking patterns in your mind. Using affirmations is a very
effective way to build self-confidence. It seems simple – and
initially it can actually be a little uncomfortable – but
remember, what you’re trying to do is to wear a new groove in
your brain. You’re trying to create a new path of least
resistance and establish a positive reflex in your mind. And the
best way to create a new reflex is through repetition of positive
thoughts, images and feelings.

At the end of this article, I’ve included a small handful of
powerful affirmations for you to begin using today. The way to
use affirmations is to repeat the statements to yourself (out
loud or silently). When you repeat an affirmation, feel it,
believe it, and know it! Put some positive emotion into it.
Emotion-backed programming is the most powerful and long lasting.
Allow yourself to experience the feelings of joy, satisfaction,
power and self-confidence as you do each affirmation. Make each
one a true part of your reality.

Use your favorite affirmations routinely throughout the day, and
really feel them. When you do you will eventually make a quantum
leap. You will suddenly be far beyond the doubts that accompany
wishing, hoping, daydreaming, and even believing. You will enter
the zone of knowing.

When you enter the zone of knowing, supreme self-confidence is
automatically there. All doubt is gone. You know you can do it.
You know it will happen, just as surely as if it had already
happened. And quite likely at some dimension it has happened –
for you! When you enter the zone of knowing, your
self-confidence is unshakable and your untapped potential is
released. You feel invincible!

Another great way to use affirmations is to say them while
looking in a mirror. Say them with feeling and soon you’ll
become aware of how powerful your eyes are. It’s said that the
eyes are the windows of the soul. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote that
each of us carries in our eyes the exact indication of our rank.
We send messages with our eyes that show how we think of
ourselves and how self-confident we are. And that influences how
others respond to us. The more our eyes bespeak self-confidence
and self-esteem, the more other people are likely to hold us in
high esteem. Some people have developed a penetrating gaze that
makes it seem as if they can look into your very soul. As you
practice your affirmations in the mirror, you’ll see this in your
own eyes and soon others will feel the confidence that you

Sample Affirmations
· I now free myself from false limits
· I choose to be self-confident
· I now feel self-confident
· I radiate self-confidence
· I reject negativity at all levels of consciousness
· I love turning negatives into positives
· The more positive I am, the more confident I am
· I now think as a positive person
· I breath as a positive person
· I feel positive and confident
· I am intelligent
· I am capable
· I speak with self-confidence
· My body language projects self-confidence
· People sense my self-confidence, which gives them confidence in
· I am positive and confident
· I’m becoming aware of my true potential
· I enjoy being positive
· Being positive builds my self-confidence
· I feel positive and confident
· I am positive and confident

Start Today
There are many other powerful techniques that you can use to
improve your self-confidence and build your self-esteem. But this
will get you started in the right direction.

The most important thing to remember is that repetition and
positive emotions are critical to changing the way you think.
While it’s possible to do this on your own, most people need a
defined program for the direction and support they need to commit
to a change.

Many people find that listening to audio programs (like those
available at is the best way to provide
the consistency that’s needed to develop new, healthy, positive
thought habits. In addition to Positive Affirmations, the best
audio programs will incorporate a variety of techniques including
guided visualizations, mental imagery, goal-oriented meditation,
subliminal programming, whole-brain learning, and more.

So, employ whatever resources you need to commit to improving
your self-confidence. Whether it’s an audio program or help from
your friends, family or therapist – your self-confidence is too
important to allow it to wither away. Be confident that you can
improve your confidence and it will change your life.