Building Mass – Not Necessarily Easy, But Effective!

So you want to be a bodybuilder. Or perhaps you are simply trying to get into better shape. You have the approval of your doctor to start a training program and have joined your local gym. Your refrigerator is stocked with a protein rich diet and you have a plethora of shakes and powders to supplements to add to the mix. Now its time to start those hours of training and workouts required to get your body in peak performance mode. Right?

Well, not exactly. While it is important to be prepared when starting a basic fitness program or even a serious endeavor such as bodybuilding, it may not require the number of hours in the gym you are planning. While many people think you need to spend hours in a gym to get the proper body building physique, many experts argue that this type of workout schedule could actually cause you to lose muscle in Building Mass muscles. In addition, long hours in the gym do not allow the muscles to rebuild themselves and grow even stronger.

The rule of thumb from many experts in the field is no more than an hour and half of weight training three times per week. While it may not seem like enough to those who grew up on the rigorous hours of training once thought necessary, by training strength training muscles with a high intensity method to the point of failure, you are sure to see great strides and improvement in Building Mass muscle, tone and bulk.

Some common exercises of bodybuilders, which could also be beneficial in a standard workout include the bench press, curls and squats as well as targeted weightlifting exercises. When bench pressing it is important to hold your position for 20 to 30 seconds and then go into another rep. Beginners often do this exercise incorrectly and get stuck when trying to push back up.

Many people also do not push themselves enough when weight training. Keep this in mind when performing barbell curls. The exercise reps should done with a heavy weight and repeated to the point of failure (that being when you cannot complete another repetition of the exercise).

The squat is considered by many to be the perfect exercise on so many different levels. Not only is it a great for Building Mass muscle, it is an excellent way to build a variety of muscle groups in the lower body. Be sure as you are performing this exercise so that your knees do not bend more than 90 degrees. In addition, if you have knee problems, it is best to wear some sort of brace for protection.

While many may associate Building Mass muscle strictly with bodybuilding, an effective strength training routine is a valuable part of any exercise program. Coupled with appropriate aerobic exercises, weight training is an extremely effective way to lose weight, burn fat and build strong bones. When done correctly, it can take the average athlete to the next level in their quest of their Building Mass muscles for better health and can help the serious athlete or bodybuilder reach their peak fitness level.