Building Confidence~ Be a Rebel during Questionable Times

“In uncertain times go against the norm. Keep your eyes, ears, and mind open to the opportunities and choices surrounding you. Get creative. Take new actions. Be courageous. Adjust. Trust. Know that you can make this a positive experience. Stay in the light.” Beth Tabak

Fear and insecurities are paralyzing. To be unlimited go against the norm. Build strength and confidence in you. Control what you have control over… your thoughts, choices, and actions. Here are 10 tips to build confidence, stay in high energy, and stand strong.

Identify and Leverage Your Assets- We each have a unique customized set of natural abilities waiting to be fully developed, poured out, and used in full to the benefit of others. They often show up as an ongoing inkling or burning desire watered down by apprehensive thoughts (ego). Develop assets that can not be diminished:

~ Strengths- natural abilities you might feel are no big deal… but others think are pretty special
~ Passions- what you would do if time and money were not an issue
~ Skills- what you have learned and developed from past work and experience
~ Knowledge~ gained from information, experience, or others, and lastly
~ Values~ you can not imagine life without it. It is what you stand for (i.e. honesty, humor, adventure, compassion, etc.)

Trust- Know that you can handle anything. Experiences bring value that can improve the world. Hold a positive attitude from a much deeper place. Stay in faith. Get out of your head into a more soulful place where you connect with feelings, intuition, and follow that guiding gut instinct.

Be a Rebel- As the quote above says, go against the norm. Open your eyes, ears, and mind to choices and possibilities instead of following the leader. Listen. Be creative. Think outside the box. Look at your situation from a new perspective as if you are on the outside looking in or a different person.

Stay Present- Fear is the perception of a possible future event. So if you become an expert at keeping your mind here and now, you will not be in fear. The more you stay present the more you notice the opportunities, choices, and people available to you.

Shift How You Feel through Great Body Talk- Stand and sit up straight with confidence, walk with enthusiasm, hold your head up, dress in a way that makes you feel great, shake hands firmly, and smile often. You will feel great and others will, too.

Build a Support Network- Choose connections that are on your side. They get who you are, support who you are becoming, and encourage you. Hang in environments with positive and intelligent energy flowing so that you may have access to high energy, information, resources, etc. Give back, too!

Focus on Your Service to Others- When focused on what you do for others you don’t have time to feel sorry for yourself. You get out of fear and paralysis and are drawn to action. Right now write down 10 ways you know you can help others through the work you do. Focus on that.

Set boundaries- Say ‘no’ to people who hold you back or treat you bad, over spending, debt, tolerating stuff, excuses, negative self talk, clutter, feeling low, etc. Say ‘yes’ to healthy relationships, feeling good and healthy, being authentic, getting rid of clutter and repairs, and having reserves of assets.

Be in Action- Take new actions for new results. Choose those that allow you to hold your head high.
In action you are likely to talk to more people and build relationships. You gain access to resources, opportunities, and information. You discern what you like and dislike so your passion finds YOU!

Stay authentic- Be true to you!

Take control of what you have control over… your thoughts, choices, and actions. Work through the tips one by one to stay in confidence, stay in high energy, and stand strong no matter what is tossed your way. We are capable of so much more. The world is awaiting you… StartingNow!

Copyright 2008, Beth A. Tabak, All rights reserved.