Building a Blue Bird House

On Building a Blue Bird House and Getting on their Good Side

The location of the blue bird house is one of the major considerations you have to take when building its house. This is because these birds do not prefer living in urban places. Most of the time, you will find them in farmlands and pastures. So it is not surprising that those who want to have these types of birds in their area are setting up blue bird trails to lure them into a location just like what they are used to.

In order to build a blue bird house, you need to have intensive knowledge about these birds and their behaviors. One way of doing this is through observation. If ever you did stumble into a blue bird, watch closely how they move about and what type of house they are building. Another way of doing this is to ask bird experts. They will be able to point out some important factors to consider when building a blue bird house that will suit the birds that you want to attract.

Unlike any other types of birds, blue birds have an instinct that tells them how sparrows and starlings are preying on their breed. This is what makes them choosy when it comes to building their houses. They have a knack to just ignore locations which they think are not safe and are not adhering to what they want.

Experts are saying that the best type of bird house to build for blue birds are wooden ones that are situated in rural areas that have open spaces. The best location is those that are placed high on a pole. Determining the right height is important in preventing the invasion of sparrows. It can be noted that blue birds fly away at the first sign of the approaching predators. This is the reason why the right height is crucial if you want to make the blue birds come back to the bird house that you built for them.

Upon building the blue bird house, make sure that you provide enough ventilation for it. Keep in mind that blue birds choose the type of home that they will feel secure in. That means that you have to cover the bottom part with clothes so that other animals will not be able to get through them easily. If ever the bird house is perched on a high location, make sure that you grease the poles beneath it to prevent larger birds from accessing the blue bird house.

If you want to attract blue birds easily, use food. Blue birds are the types of birds that nibble on anything they set their eyes on. You can lay out some raisins, peanuts, while bread or cheese near the bird house and you will surely get their full attention. Make sure that you have an abundance of their favorite food around so that you can easily get the attention of blue birds.

You will be able to find some blue bird house designs for a price. But if you do not want to spend an amount of money for it, you can do a search over the internet and you will be presented with lots of ideas on building a blue bird house. Along with these are some advices to learn about blue bird behaviors and how best to get into the good side of these choosy birds.