Brotherhood Key to Universal Peace

Once a great philosopher Aesop said “united we stand, divided we fall” Similarly brotherhood universally is the key to peace, we can consider mankind as a wooden stick and it’s easy to split a single wooden stick into two pieces whereas it’s very difficult to break a bunch of sticks. In the same way Islam emphasize on brotherhood because if brotherhood is there among mankind then only world can get peace. Islam itself shows signs of brotherhood a common example of brotherhood was demonstrated by Hazrat Muhammad after migration to Madina from Makka. He made Ansar’s and Mahajir’s brother of each other and asked Ansar to treat him like his brother no matter of race, creed or color he belongs.

One of the Ayahs of Quran clearly explains the concept of brotherhood that is “O mankind! Be careful of your duty to your lord, who created you from a single soul…” (4:1)

In this Ayah creation from single soul emphasize on concept of brotherhood. Besides brotherhood Islam promotes peace as well. In one of the speeches Aga Khan III sir Sultan Mohammad Shah in Karachi 1954 stated that: “Islam means peace. Our salutation’ As-Salam-alaykum, peace be with you’ and the reply ‘Alaykumas Salaam’, ‘And upon you be peace’.”

The messenger of God Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) is a great exemplar of peace. At times of spread of Islam Maka people use to torture him but after concurrence of Maka He forgave them and demonstrated a great example of forgiveness. Besides forgiveness history reveals that He had never fought until and unless there was risk to the spread of Islam. After wining Gazwas he used to leave his enemies and be kind to them.

Similarly if we look at the kingdom ship of Fatmids; They didn’t had discrimination according to race, color or creed all were treated equally and citizens of Fatmid kingdom. They use to live together like brothers and therefore there kingdom lasted for a longer period of time.

These days His Highness prince karim Aga khan is also working die heartedly to promote peace; He is ambassador of peace and due to His efforts for enhancing good relations among East and West He received tolerance award in 2006. He always brings organizations from West to work with AKDN to promote quality of life of people of East, ultimately the relations among different kinds of people would increase and dislikes among people would diminish.

Besides Islam every religion in the world promotes peace and brotherhood either it would be Christianity, Buddhism or any other religion in world they promote peace but the shocking fact is that most of the fights in the world are on the name of Religion.

After the two world war and its massive destruction, world realized the importance of peace and therefore formulated an organization named as United Nations and brought all countries closer to each other so they can have brotherly relation and ultimately peace could be promoted. The main aim of United Nation is to work in such a way that international wars could be prevented and humanity should be benefited.

At some instances world has shown immense signs of unity, the best example is earthquake in Kashmir that brought people from different regions together to help the people affected from earthquake and till now many countries are assisting Kashmir to regain its usual life.

Many times people comment that as an individual what we can do to promote peace. Answer is simple; charity begins at home and therefore we all should try to promote brotherhood in this world. We should consider others as a human being as our brothers and avoid abhorrence and jealousy to others and Inshallah drop by drop whole ocean would be there to promote peace and we all would be having peace; and peace would be due to brotherhood and sense of equality among people. In the end His Highness prince karim Aga Khan once quoted that “peace is the only legitimate solution of the world’s trouble.”