Broadway Mary Poppins Tickets – The Magical Nanny Comes To Broadway

Mary Poppins Tickets – The Magical Nanny Comes To Broadway

Who hasn’t heard of Mary Poppins, the lovable and magical nanny who can fly with her umbrella? Most of us have grown up watching the Disney film of 1964 and we still sing along with the popular songs featured in it. Most of us relate Mary Poppins to the film, but the original Mary Poppins was created by P.L.Travers in a series of books which were published in 1934. She became known as the “super nanny” who could solve any problem through her unique kind of discipline.

The story revolves around the Banks family who need a nanny to take care of their two children, Michael and Jane. Through magical means, and a wind storm, Mary Poppins comes into their lives as the new nanny. Through many funny situations and magical journeys, the story unfolds as Mary Poppins shows the children a whole new world. She also manages to teach a thing or two to their parents about loving and caring for their children.

Thanks to the super success of the film and the enduring story of the super nanny, portrayed to perfection by Julie Andrews, the story was adapted for the stage and opened in London’s West End in 2004. Laura Michelle Kelly won the Laurence Olivier Award for the Best Actress in a Musical and the show won the Best Theater Choreography Award as well.

Mary Poppins has now come to the Broadway stage as well, playing at the New Amsterdam Theater. The play features the popular songs from the film by the Sherman brothers who won an Academy Award for their music, including “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”, “Chim-Chim Cheree” and “A Spoonful Of Sugar”. It is directed by Olivier Award winning director Richard Eyre and presented by The Walt Disney Company and Cameron Mackintosh.

The same enduring story of the nanny and the two children is brought to life on the Broadway stage. The way they discover new things, have many adventures, enjoy their childhood and show their love for their family, is all beautifully portrayed on stage through action, music and dance. Mary Poppins as the nanny who had a way of making chores and taking bitter medicines fun, is back in all her magical glory.

The Broadway cast includes Ashley Brown as Mary Poppins, Gavin Lee as Bert, Matthew Gumley and Delaney Moro as Michael and Jane Banks. The presenter of the production, Cameron Mackintosh did not want big stars but new actors who had the caliber to take on these important roles. He found what he was looking for in the present cast. Considering Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke were tough acts to follow, the current actors have done a fabulous job and have fulfilled Cameron’s dreams of the last 25 years of staging Mary Poppins.

About Purchasing Broadway Mary Poppins Tickets

To get your Broadway Mary Poppins tickets you need to contact the box office as soon as tickets go on sale. Shows are running houseful and you may have a slightly better chance of getting tickets for weekday shows as opposed to weekend shows which have been booked weeks in advance.