Broadway Grease Tickets Can Be Obtained By Only One Way

Some rock and roll, a high school teen affair, and a touch of the 50’s pop culture – this is “Grease”, the most popular shows on Broadway! A classic in itself, “Grease” dares to go beyond traditions and launches a completely different kind of music.

Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey are the people behind the making of such a wonder. The year was 1972, when the original “Grease” was produced. The star cast included a bunch of amateur actors, who were transformed into stars of Broadway, after “Grease” gained a phenomenal success. Except “chorus Line”, there has been no other show on Broadway that could beat “Grease” in its popularity. From 1972 till 1980, the “Grease” fever was on a high!

The whole of Chicago was gripped with the fever of “Grease.” Then, it was the turn of New York. The famous Broadway producers, Maxine Fox and Ken Waissman, were electrified by the huge success of this teen musical. They convinced Jacobs and Casey to open their show in New York and when they came, the rest was history!

“Grease” stirred New York like anything! Sandy and Danny became heart throbs. The audience adored the direction as well as choreography of the show. The music was on everyone’s lips.

When the show was made, it was of five hours. It was cut down to just a couple of hours when it opened in New York theatres. Eden Theatre was the hot spot where the show was run. The success of the show could be seen in the fact that it grabbed seven Tony awards!

The “Grease” mania is going to remain. Even today, theatres showing this musical experience a packed house. The Cambridge Theatre of London and many other theatres of Canada and America have seen the maddening crowd fall on the stage!

“Grease” contains the following raving numbers:
‘Summer Nights’
‘Beauty School Dropout’
‘Greased Lightinin’
‘Could Do’
“Hopelessly Devoted to You”
‘We Go Together’
“You’re the One That I Want”
Hear these songs and you will want to hear them again, and again!

“Grease” fans have good news to hear: Kathleen Marshall is directing a new revival of this show. It’s in the making and will soon be in theatres across your city!

There is also a movie version of “Grease”, which has John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John as the lead star cast. In addition to this, stars such as Brooke Shields, Stacey Gregg, Paul Nicholas, Ian Kelsey, and Craig Maclachlan are also included in the star cast of this Broadway musical.

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