British Holidays

Holiday making in England usually makes one think of English beaches like Brighton, shopping in Oxford Street and the endless rain showers that seem to happen just when you are about to go outside. This is only one aspect of British holidays though. There are quite a number of places and things that you can do while you are on a British holiday.

Outside of London there are some very interesting places that you can visit. Stratford-on-Avon is one such place. This city is considered as the birthplace of Shakespeare. You can take a guided tour of the city or ramble around by yourself and imagine how the place looked in Shakespeare’s time.

On the other hand you might want to spice up your British holidays by getting close to the wildlife that can be found here. There’s lots of fishing to be enjoyed, as well as deer stalking, and of course there is the famous Loch Ness Monster to take some photographs of. These wildlife encounters can be found in the northern tip of England, which is Scotland.

Ireland and the warm Irish hospitality can also brighten up your British holidays. Besides enjoying the warm friendly atmosphere of Irish life, you can see places like the Giants Causeway and marvel at the immense presence. Sheep lovers will also be enthralled at the sight of these wooly bundles dotting the landscape everywhere that you look.

Of course you may prefer to enjoy your holiday in the height of luxury. Anyone who would love to indulge themselves in this manner will be able to find luxury hotels and lodges that have these five star amenities. Here the women can pamper themselves at beauty spas and have manicures while the men enjoy honing their clay pigeon or skeet shooting.

Narrowboats are another interesting way to consider spending your British holidays. With a narrowboat you can float down any of the waterways in England and see the passing countryside from your windows. This is a great way to have a leisurely holiday without getting caught in traffic. For the purposes of your holiday you should first see if the narrowboat will be comfortable and suitable for your holiday.

Besides interesting trips in the countryside British holidays can offer an interesting cultural experience. A visit to Buckingham Palace will show you the wonders that have been accumulated from different countries at different times. Stone Hendge is another marvel that you might want memories of.

These are just a small taste of what you can find in British holidays. Apart from enjoying the usual holiday fare of sightseeing, shopping, nightclubbing and spending time at the beaches, the adventurous at heart can experience a whole different dimension of Britain if they so wish, which is what makes your British holidays all the more enjoyable.