British Gas for business users

British gas has a business section that is dedicated to servicing non-domestic users of British gas electricity and gas utilities. The imaginatively named British Gas Business is currently promoting its services as the UK’s most reasonably priced electricity provider.

Their current promotion to British business owners offers a month of free gas for every new non-domestic client who takes on either a new gas or electricity account with British Gas.

British Gas Business has been awarded the Plain English Campaigns coveted Crystal Mark award for their contracts that are jargon free and offer totally readable terms and conditions. Since its inception British Gas Business has signed up 925,000 business clients, and its eye firmly on reaching its one millionth satisfied customers.

What you get from British Gas Business
A real accounts manager who is a Dedicated Account Manager, this means each time you call you are not connected to the first available telephone operator. Instead you be able to speak directly to someone who knows who you are, and is familiar with your business.

British Gas Business pricing structure is very competitive; it is also a household name and British institution. Their clear and understandable contracts carry a fixed price, for a fixed term, so you can calculate your energy cost projections accurately.

You also have unlimited access to energy efficiency advice to help cut wastage and costs as well as moving towards a ‘greener’ workplace. If you move to a new location the contract is ‘portable’ so there are no hidden fees.
You can easily manage you gas or electricity accounts on your own PC for billing, usage and other information. British Gas Business offers easy payments with bank direct debits, and don’t forget that one months free gas offer.
Making the switch

Most business people don’t have thirty minutes to spare while the Indian call centre operator finds time in her busy schedule to talk to them. British Gas Business has professional customer service with a highly trained and helpful team of professionals waiting to assist clients.

Moving to British Gas Business is simple and straight forward, with one simple form that will give you an online quote, if you are happy with that, British Gas Business will complete the rest for you.

It is not possible to avoid central heating bills and to do so would be extremely counter productive but it is perfectly reasonable to take as much care and planning into what system you choose. A responsible supplier will be only too happy to advise with regards to which tariff you are eligible for and contrary to public perception a conscientious and responsible supplier will realise that a happy customer is going to stay with them for along time and as such everyone wins.

As I mentioned it is vitally important that you understand exactly what options you have in front of you. Your choice of which system you want to install can have a major impact on your energy bills and it is perfectly reasonable to take a view that in today’s economic climate that it is essential to try and achieve economies wherever possible.

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