Bristan thermostatic shower mixers

When taking a shower, do you ever wonder what it would be like to take a shower in style and elegance? If you want to make a difference in your bathroom, then the Bristan thermostatic shower mixers are just the right thing for you. Bristan shower is one of UK’s largest suppliers of bathroom accessories and fittings and its thermostatic shower mixers are elegant both in looks and performance. Its technology and temperature control is state-of-the art and adds a different dimension to your showering experience.

The Bristan thermostatic shower mixers comes with a 5 year guarantee period and needs to be fitted with a network of pipes. The Aqueous range of Bristan thermostatic shower mixers comes with chrome plating and can be dually controlled. It is usually surface mounted and the temperature is preset at 42 degree C. It is as popular as the Bristan 1901 series, which comes with dual control and an adjustable riser.

Bristan thermostatic shower mixers are available in an array of choices and options with practical and comfortable styling. The designs are both traditional and contemporary in nature, with an option of power, electric or panel showers, whichever suit your budget and style statement. The Bristan thermostatic shower mixers are a new innovation in the world of bathroom accessories and give the user a comfortable showering experience. Though it is priced little on the higher side, it is ideal for a warm and comfortable bath. It can be used in high pressure systems and works equally well in low pressure systems and is chrome plated in most of the variants.

Once you decide on using Bristan thermostatic shower mixers, you can also choose the shower head, depending on your style and need. This helps in adjusting the spray head and also changes the angle of the shower to a comfortable poison for maximum usage. Since it is adjustable, you can change the position as per your need and spray it wherever you wish. All Bristan thermostatic shower mixers are great in quality and are backed by excellent service plan.

Some of the variants of Bristan thermostatic shower mixers are also made of brass which gives it a sculpted finish and a timeless feel. For Bristan thermostatic shower mixers, the temperature can be set as high as 80 degree C, yet its ability can not be determined simply by its look. Most of the Bristan showers are available with a 5 year guarantee, but the gold plated ones come with a 3 year guarantee period only.

As mentioned earlier, the Bristan thermostatic shower mixers are available in different variants and its main advantage is the option of presetting the temperature. It also ensures that the temperature is not accidentally increased and it turns off automatically when the water supply is stopped. Its anti-scalding design is a unique feature, which is a must for these thermostatic shower mixers. These excellent features offered by Bristan thermostatic shower mixers are very useful for the household and its customizable option gives you a great bathing experience.