Bristan bath taps

A bathroom will look incomplete if it is not fitted with the latest accessories. Bristan bath taps are one of the most used taps in the industry and they offer a wide range of fittings. The price range is also wide and you can find taps from £100 to as much as thousand pounds. It all depends upon your preference; how much you would ideally like to pay for your bathroom tap? Now let’s get down to the different kinds of taps that are available.

The Bristan G-Type Basin Mixer with Pop-Up Waste is a durable tap that can be installed in any bathroom. The features of this tap include chrome plating and a Ceramic disc. This tap can operate at a minimum pressure of 1.0 bar and comes with five year coverage against any manufacturing defects. This is a very good buy if you are looking for good quality and a low price. Try comparing the prices of these products through various vendors. Online stores are an especially good option because you can find many products that are cheaper than what you’d find in a retail store. Free delivery is generally offered by these online stores if the price of the product is in excess of £100.

You can also find more elegant fixtures to adorn your bathroom. Let’s discuss some ot he top of the line products. This product may be priced on the higher side, but you will get a fixture which will change way you look at your bathroom. The product that I am talking about is the Bristan G-Type Freestanding bath shower mixer. This product is also chrome plated and has a ceramic disc. It operates at a minimum pressure of 1.0 bar and like the less expensive fixtures, it also has a five year guarantee against any manufacturing defects. The price of this product is approximately £1145 and you can find it for different prices at various online stores. If you are planning to spend some extra money on your bathroom, this is the product that you should go for. Apart from this there are a wide range of Bristan shower fixtures that are available.

It is advisable that you always check out online stores because the range of products that you will get is much more than what may be available in standard hardware, plus, you will have the option of finding all your needs at one place. Just log on to your favorite site and start filling up your basket.