Bride on a Budget – A Guide to Modest Weddings

They say her Wedding day is the most important day in a woman’s life. I think a more accurate description might be in a lot of cases went it is one of the most important days in the bride’s mother’s life but that is possibly just born out of male cynicism.

On a more serious note the day of your wedding is certainly one of the most important days of your life and as a result deserves quite rightly to be taken seriously. That having been said however they’re not certain instances with weddings where for a number of reasons both the bride and groom choose to have a modest wedding for personal reasons or perfectly valid financial ones.

Not everyone wants to go down the road off having a Hollywood type wedding with a cast of thousands complete with a troop of dancing girls and all the special effects that only a film producer could supply.

Sometimes it has to be “Bride on a budget” time and you have to respect desires and wishes off the bride and groom at this point and if this is the route they choose to go down then they should be supported.

Almost every couple struggles to stay within a budget for their wedding day. Here are a few tips to help you cut back on spending without cutting back on class.

To save on flowers, have a December wedding. Usually hotels, reception sites, and churches are already beautifully decorated which keeps expenses low. Also look into historic homes for a more intimate setting. Consider having your wedding, reception or both at a local garden club or botanical garden. Both will offer a beautiful setting all year long, and your decorating expenses will be low. For a more intimate setting, consider a pretty bed and breakfast.

It is difficult to save on photography costs because you don’t want to skimp on such an important and timeless item. Your formal portrait should be taken by a professional photographer and not by a friend or relative. Since photographers usually charge partly based on hourly rate, consider sending them on their way following the ceremony.
Scatter disposable cameras on tables at the reception with cards asking your guests to take pictures. Provide a well-marked basket by the exit for your guests to drop the used cameras in when they leave. Have your families and bridal party make certain that guests understand this.
If a friend or relative does offer to take pictures, thank them, and suggest that they take photos at the reception. You could offer to pay for film and/or developing. You should make sure to get the negatives so you can order your own enlargements and reprints.

One of your biggest expenses will be the reception. A buffet is less expensive than a seated dinner, but have you considered something unique, such as a picnic, barbeque or afternoon tea? While you will save money if you have a Christmas wedding, many venues up their prices, especially for a Friday or Saturday night. Consider a Sunday wedding since this is usually an ‘off’ day for most restaurants and clubs.

Try to prepare some of the food yourself. Cook ahead and freeze some items. Have family members cook up some family favourites with secret recipes. These will be sure to please every guest in attendance.