Breastfeeding your baby is one of the most natural, nurturing, and nutritious things you can do when they are young. If this is your first baby, you may not know how to breastfeed. This can become frustrating unless you are given instruction.

Using a Breast Pump

If you are a working parent or if you do not like to breastfeed in public, then you should invest in a breast pump. Several brands are available to suit your comfort and many are easy to carry in a purse.

You will be able to store breast milk in containers for a few days in the refrigerator. This will keep your baby healthy and full even when you are not around to breastfeed.

Understanding what your baby needs

Learning when to breastfeed, how often, and for how long are the keys to successful breastfeeding. Since all babies are different, you will have to figure out how long you want to breastfeed. Most doctors recommend one year, but your baby may want to stop before that.

Using formula

There is nothing wrong with using baby formula, especially if you cannot breastfeed. The important thing is to feed your baby anyway that you can. There are many formulas that have similar nutrients that breast milk has.

Today, with increasingly more information available on how breast milk helps the new born baby to fight off sickness and allergies, it is becoming preferred and recommended by doctors. Other experienced moms that have tried both breastfeeding and just using formula, can share how different their children may have reacted to various diseases and acquired common or uncommon allergies.

New mothers, especially need time to adjust to the responsibilities and physical demands placed on them. Breastfeeding can build an important closeness with mother and child, that help both of them adjust to their new life. Babies will experience again, the warmth and secure feeling of being physically near the body that they were joined with day for 9 months.

Often breastfeeding can stimulate each of the five senses more and help to build their memory. Over and over, each time the new born is fed, they can see their mom, smell her, touch her, taste the milk from her, and hear her as she takes a breath or possibly even pick up her heart beat by being next to her ribcage.

Breastfeeding is an important part of bonding with your baby, giving your baby the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and more.