Breastfeeding : what to eat when nursing

Breastfeeding is a privileged time when a mother provides her nursing baby with the ideal food for its growth and development. Breast milk has the best nutritional elements to ensure the baby a healthy and happy growth. Breastfeeding also provides powerful antibodies to the newborn baby and lower its risks of serious infections.

A breastfeeding mother should always think of her needs as well as the needs of her baby. Even in the cases of a nursing mother suffering from deficiencies (such as anemia or calcium deficiency) her breast milk would be adequate and nourishing enough for the baby. The breastfeeding mother should take care of her needs so she can enjoy every moment spent with her new baby and not feel tired and drained by such a beautiful thing as breastfeeding.

The daily requirements of a nursing mother are about the same as for a pregnant mother. A breastfeeding mother should not undertake a diet low in calories as she may she very weak. A balanced eating schedule for a mother is to have three meals per day and two to three healthy snacks in between.

The diet of a breastfeeding mother should be generous in fruits, vegetables and food rich in proteins and fibers. The snacks have to be healthy and easy to carry around.

A nursing mother should also keep herself very well hydrated as her daily liquid needs are going to be important.

Breastfeeding mothers should avoid alcohol as it crosses into breast milk and can be transmitted to the baby. Other stimulants rich in caffeine such as chocolate, black sodas, coffee or tea should be taken in very moderate quantities if any a tall.

A breastfeeding mother also needs to choose quality fats in her diet such as fish and vegetable oils. Fatty acids are essential in the development of the baby’s brain and should be a part of a breastfeeding mother’s diet.

Some food can give breast milk a certain odor or taste that baby might not like. Whenever eating a new food, it is a good rule to take small or moderate quantities of it. If the breastfed baby gets irritable or has gas, the food should be avoided for a certain period and re-introduced in very small amount later in the nursing mother’s diet.

Overall, breastfeeding should be a fun experience and not a time of feeling deprived or restricted. Enjoying a healthy lifestyle by getting sufficient quality food, rest and being ell hydrated will ensure the both nursing mother and baby are happy and well.