Breastfeeding : the ideal schedule

Breastfeeding : the ideal schedule

Breastfeeding is the most natural thing a new mother can do for her baby. Breast milk is the best food for the newborn as it contains the perfect composition of fatty acid, glucose and protein its developing body and brain require.

Breastfeeding is also the most economical way to feed a baby. Breast milk is also always ready and a very ecological way to feed a baby as it involves no bottles or bags of any kind.

What is then the ideal schedule to have for a nursing a baby? The answer to this question might disappoint new mothers but in fact there are no schedules. The simple answer is that a nursing mother should adapt her schedule to the needs of her baby. A growing baby has different growing phases and may not show a regular schedule for the first few months.

Breastfeeding on demand is the best way to ensure that baby receives all he needs. The best way for a nursing mother is to put away her watch and clocks and get in tune with her baby.

It is recommended not to wait too long to feed the baby. Sometimes, when not fed rapidly, a baby can get very upset and cry profoundly and will have a harder time to breastfeed.

It is easier to put the baby to the breast when he is fully awake and showing movements of the mouth but not crying.

A nursing mother will greatly benefit from considering the breastfeeding time as occasions to relax and spend quality time with her baby rather than worry about her schedule being thrown off.

When a baby is born, it is recommended to breastfeed him in the first hour of life. Most babies during that hour will get calm and show chewing movements of the mouth or even move their head towards the mother’s breast.

Some people have ventured that the breast should be presented right after birth. In our experience, during the first seconds of extra-utero life, most babies are busy coughing and spitting-out the fluid that was in their lungs and mouth and will not be much interested in breastfeeding.

The best signs that breastfeeding is going well is if your baby sleep between feedings and wets his diapers.

Although breastfeeding on demand is the most recommended way of feeding a baby, one has to make the difference between a baby who is really feeding and one who is only using the breast for comfort.

When a baby is simply hatched-on the breast for cuddling, it is better to remove him from the breast. Most women give-up breastfeeding because they feel their baby is too often to their breast. If they could have made the difference between real feedings and just cuddling, they might have kept breastfeeding for a longer period.

As for anything else, getting the proper rest and keeping herself well hydrated is a must for the nursing mother.