Breastfeeding: health benefits for the baby and the mother

Breastfeeding is now accepted in our communities. The problem remains that most women who intend to breastfeed will give-up in the first six months. There are tangible measures we can take to help and support breastfeeding mothers.

Breastfeeding would be made easier for new mothers if there were more private areas where they could nurse their baby. Support groups and forums devoted to breastfeeding mothers have proven to encourage mothers to nurse longer.

More clinics solely devoted to breastfeeding mothers and their babies are needed countrywide.

Most women are convinced of the benefits of nursing their babies, they just give-up when faced with challenges they are not prepared or equipped to deal with. Among the many benefits for the baby to be nursed, there are: Breastfed babies are less sick, have fewer ear and pulmonary infections and are less hospitalized.

One of the greatest benefits of breastfeeding is the special bond it provides both the mother and the baby.

Breastfed babies have fewer allergies and are less prone to the dreaded sudden infant death syndrome. On the overall, breast milk provides the baby with the proper nutrients to its developing brain and is easily digested. It needs no preparation and is very economical.

For the nursing mother, there are also health benefits such as lowering their risk of post-partum hemorrhages, fewer risk of developing breast cancer later on in life and some types of ovarian cancers.

Our society needs to take tangible actions to facilitate breastfeeding and improve the long term persistence. Fathers can play a crucial role in supporting the breastfeeding mother by taking over the other tasks like preparing meals, changing the baby’s diaper or giving the baby a bath, etc

A long term plan is well needed is governments really want to help new mothers continue breastfeeding for longer periods and diminish the important drop rate after a few months.

Support groups and complete information web sites on breastfeeding and solutions to the usual problem encountered by breastfeeding mothers are a must. Such information as what to do if baby seams not satisfied? How to deal with sensible skin in the first few weeks of breastfeeding? The proper positions while breastfeeding, etc would be of great help to nursing mothers.

The overall benefits of breastfeeding are tremendous for the baby and the mother. By encouraging and supporting breastfeeding mothers, society would insure a healthier and happier generation of developing babies.