Breastfeeding : 12 keys to a happy experience

Breastfeeding is still the best way to feed a newborn. The breast milk’s composition is ideal for the growing needs of the baby and contains favorable amounts of nutrient to ensure a proper development of his brain. Breast milk also contains antibodies which can protect against benign and more serious infections.

Breastfeeding a newborn baby is not without its challenges and most nursing women will need the support of her environment. There are some proven tricks and tips that can help a new mother find her breastfeeding experience a more pleasant one.

1) Keeping the newborn baby close day and night will insure that the nursing mother will get accustomed to its schedule and will rapidly recognize its needs.
2) Being convinced that breastfeeding is a natural and very normal and easy process greatly helps. If a nursing mother feels she lacks the support she needs in her experience, she should discuss it further with her spouse and family. Joining a breastfeeding support group is also an invaluable resource.
3) Breastfeeding rapidly during the first hour after the birth reassures the baby that milk is readily available and that a loving mother is there for him.
4) Frequent feedings given whenever the baby shows signs of hunger is a very good way to ensure that baby is happy and that the milk production is stimulated.
5) Learning to decode the many moods of a newborn baby will help to recognize and differentiate between when he is tired than when he is hungry.
6) Avoiding to give formula milk for the first few weeks ensures that the milk production is well started and that baby really gets used to feeding at the breast.
7) Avoiding to give solid foods too early also ensures that baby will get most of his nutrients fro the breast milk, the best food for the first few months.
8) A calm mother has more ease breastfeeding. Staying away from unnecessary torments and endless discussions are best.
9) Slowing down and living at the new baby’s rhythm ensures that the milk production will always be sufficient. It is highly recommended to set aside the unnecessary tasks and tolerate a little more disorder in the house. Hiring temporary house help might be a solution.
10) Ensuring that the baby has a proper position when hatched-on to the breast will make his experience a comfortable one. A breastfeeding baby should have the entire nipple in the mouth and proper clearance of his breathing airways.
11) A breastfeeding mother should trust her capacities to feed her little baby. Getting out at least once per day will also help her to keep a good and happy mood.
12) Proper rest and sleep for the nursing mother is essential. She should also keep herself well-hydrated as breastfeeding requires a lot of fluid.

Accepting all the help that is offered is the main key to a successful breastfeeding experience. Often, the spouse or family is more than happy to take over the other chores the breastfeeding mother can delegate such as preparing meals or changing the baby’s diaper.