Breast Anatomy – Important Facts about Women Breasts

Breast pills, creams and other enhancement products are widely searched on the net but less information is seen about the breast anatomy (structure). It is very essential that every woman know about her breasts to prevent any probability of breast cancer or other diseases.

One of the important sex organs in women is the mamma, one on each side of the breast, jutting out as rounded firm masses, almost spherical in shape in a mature young virgin. In the centre there is a pink areola, with a small projection called the nipple. On the surface of the nipple, there are 8 to 10 small openings of the milk duct.

Mamma (mammary gland) appears at the age of about 12 to 13 in a girl and gradually keeps on enlarging due to the increased amount of blood supplied by nature. It is then tender to touch and feels warmer. On pressure a slight watery colorless secretion can be squeezed out to it. After the birth of the baby, on the third day, these glands become very tense and milk begins to pour out. The pink color of the areola takes on a darker tinge. The nipples become prominent and projecting during pregnancy and particularly after suction by the baby.

The mamma is made of glandular tissues which are collected as small lobules. They are lined first by cubical cells which secret milk. The lobules are held together by fibrous tissues and fat to give it the rounded appearance. Out of these small lobules the milk comes out through a small narrow passage called a duct and many such ducts or tributaries unite to form 8 to 10 main ducts which open on the nipple.

Psychological and manual irritation (titillation of the nipples and pressing the bulbs) hardens the mamma and stimulates the sexual urge in the female more easily when they are in a firm condition. The important precaution for maintaining shapely breasts in the use of proper brassiere that gives necessary ease and comfort to the breasts. But for every defect in the development of breasts, it is always necessary to consult a specialist for some timely treatment.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.

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