Breaking off Online Dating

What to do if He/She is Not the Right One for You

Using the Internet to find love is relatively painless. It’s a quick and easy way to establish a bond with an individual that is also out looking for the same thing you are from a relationship. You know this because in the Internet dating world, you are allowed and even expected to screen your dates before they happen in person.

Getting to the point where you actually meet your online date in real person can be tough. It takes commitment and you have to prepare yourself for a rejection that might follow. Chances are good that you have nervously anticipated the day of the final meeting for a long time. When it finally arrives, you don’t wan to disappoint and you certainly don’t wan to be disappointed.

However, you need to recognize that not every date is going to work out. They call it dating because it is the process that you undertake in order to learn whether you and another person are compatible for each other. Not every date is meant to last a lifetime, but when you finally find the one that is, you will be glad that you said good-bye to all of your previous dates.

Getting to the point where you and the person you have just started dating need to break things off cleanly can be tough – especially if you think that he or she has more of an attraction to you than you do to him or her. Rather than lead him or her on, like many people tend to do when they don’t know how to break hearts, it is better for the both of you that the relationship comes to a quick and complete end. Drawing it out just to see how things might turn out rarely leads to a happy ending.

When you get to that point when you realize that the relationship does not work for you, the best thing to do is to be honest with your partner. Chances are that you are attracted to each other on some level, be it physical, emotional or intellectual. However, in order for the relationship to last, it is essential that all of these components and more need to be present.

Therefore, the best cut is to affirm that there are reasons that the two of you are attracted to each other. Highlight the good things about the person and admit that there are areas where you are not completely compatible. He or she will respect your honesty and will most likely feel the same way. Short and sweet ensures that any inkling of suffering will not last long.