Breaking Free From the Under-earning Cycle

Who will you be as a woman entrepreneur who doesn’t worry and struggle around money?

Worrying about and struggling around money are major issues for most women. The majority of women under-earn so they continually worry and struggle.

Under-earning is a disempowering cycle that becomes a way of life.

Here are 5 big reasons that women entrepreneurs under-earn, and that are elements of the Under-earning Cycle for these gifted women:

1. You easily give your services away but have a hard time charging for them.
2. You significantly undercharge.
3. You compare yourself to others and fall short.
4. You feel guilty taking money for something that is easy for you or that you love doing.
5. You lack confidence in communicating the value of your services, products or creations.

There are plenty of other reasons that contribute to the Under-earning Cycle. I invite you to create your own personal list if this applies to you. Clarity is power and your list will come in handy.

But there is one core underlying cause for every reason, behavior or way of being that is connected to under-earning. This same cause creates the Under-earning Cycle and holds it together in your life.

It’s much like a log jam in a river. You can kick one log out after another but others keep coming down the river and piling up – the log jam remains intact.

But there is one log that holds the log jam together. When you find that one log and kick it loose, the log jam is no more. Then no matter how many logs float down the river, they just float on by.

The one log in the log jam – the one underlying cause of the Under-earning Cycle – for women is “doubting your value.”

Money is a measurement of value. As long as you doubt your own value, you will never value what you offer or be able to charge what you are really worth. As long as you doubt your value you will remain stuck in the disempowering cycle of under-earning.

When you do realize the amazing value of who you are and of what you have to offer to the world, watch out. Every single log in the log jam of the Under-earning Cycle will be freed up and easily handled.

You will be able to confidently charge what you are worth, communicate the value of your services and joyfully receive payment for doing what you love, guilt free.

And you will become that empowered woman who no longer worries and struggles around money.

Imagine what’s possible for you when you believe in your own value and break free from the Under-earning Cycle!

Step Into Your Greatness…
Believe in your value and break free from the Under-earning Cycle!