Boston Apartment Hunting

Boston Apartment Rental-Some Considerations

Hunting for a rental apartment in Boston and trying to get the lowest rental fee is a strenuous task. To help you with this, here are some broad guidelines.

1. Decide What You Want – First of all, you have to decide how big of an apartment you want in Boston. Secondly, what is the price range you are willing to shell out for an apartment? These two factors will decide largely on what areas you will be able to live in. Here, keep in mind that if you can afford to pay a rental of, say, $200, then keep the upper limit of your range as $250-300, as you can always negotiate the price later. This will give you a wider range of apartments to choose from. After deciding on these two areas, choose the localities, which will be convenient for you. Take into account the distances from your workplace and the civic amenities available and also decide the duration of your lease.

2. Check Out the Market Scenario – Go to different agents in Boston and see what they have in their books that suit your requirements. Short-list the best candidates and check them out personally by visiting each. Be careful to inspect everything very carefully because all your negotiations on the rental will be based on it. After that, select the best of the lot and start negotiations with the agent.

3. Handling Negotiations – Until now, you have done the basic groundwork. Covering all possible apartments in Boston and deciding on the best one. Now comes the tricky part. How you negotiate now will decide how much you’ll have to pay later. Some handy tips – start by asking the rent for a 6-month lease and then go on asking the same for progressively longer periods like 12 months, 18 months till you reach the required lease period. Initially, the discount offered will be less, but as you go on increasing the lease period, the discount should increase. The house owner will be getting more money as a one off payment to invest in other property. Also, the risk to the owner reduces. Make sure that you mention these things to the agent while asking for a discount on apartment rentals. Be relaxed and give the impression that they are not the only one you are dealing with. Make sure that the agent is confirming everything he/she says with the owner because the final say will be the owner’s words.

4. Finishing Touches – After the final amount is settled, before signing the lease, raise other issues like carpet shampoo, condition, plumbing, door locks, etc. Exchange signed copies of photos of different parts of the houses with your agent and after that, sign the lease. You will have the apartment in Boston you wanted at a lot less than the original price.

There has been increase in rentals in Boston apartments because of lack of dorms, which has made the demand for rentals skyrocket. Take that into account when you start your search.

Happy hunting!!