Bosch Juicer – Their Special Model And Bosch Accessories

The Bosch Juicer MCP 9110 UC is literally the Porsche of all juicers. F.A. Porsche designed this model.

This is the only stand-alone juicer Bosch offers. They do have several juicer accessories for their “Kitchen machine”.

This top-notch citrus juicer’s outer casing, or housing, is made from high quality brushed aluminum. This gives it a sleek modern look.

The powerful 100-watt motor uses an automatic stop/start switch allowing it to operate at a very high safety standard. Even with such a high performing motor the Bosch Juicer is extremely quiet, only emitting 60dbs.

The unique spiral cone design gives you the highest juice extraction possible. An added feature is the centrifugal action; this allows you to get the best juice by further juicing the pulp if you choose.

The Porsche Designed Bosch Juicer is easy to setup and use. First, wash all the parts; all parts are dishwasher safe, except the motor block (never submerse the motor block).

The motor block should be placed on a clean, flat, solid surface. Engage the six rubber suction cups for even more stability. Assemble according to the instruction manual, plug in and you are ready to juice!

Begin to juice by cutting your chosen citrus fruit in half. Place a glass under the spout. Center the half on the cone and press. The juicer will automatically begin.

If your release pressure, the juicer will automatically stop. When the glass is full, shut the pour spout and exchange glasses. Repeat until you have all the fresh, delicious fruit juice you want.

You can now centrifuge the pulp by placing the cover over the cone and applying pressure. It is recommended that you clean the unit as soon as you are finished, never allow liquid to remain in the unit.

The Bosch Juicer dimensions are: 8 1/2 D x 8 1/2 W x 10 1/2 Ht and it weighs about 4 pounds. The maximum amount of fruit you can press is three pounds, five ounces.

After this, you must clean the strainer. When the drip-free juice spout is closed, the receptacle can hold 1/4 of a pint.

Though not stand alone juicers, Bosch does offer juicing attachments for all three of their “Kitchen machines”. These Bosch juicers are:

* The Bosch concept Kitchen machine: the juicing attachment is model # MUZ7ZP1. It costs $34.95, has a one quart capacity and works on all citrus fruits.
* The Bosch Universal Kitchen Machine: the juicing attachment is model # MUZ6ZP1. It costs $24.95, will work with all citrus fruit and has a one quart capacity.
* The Bosh Compact Kitchen Machine: the juicing attachment is model # MUZ4ZP1. It works will all citrus fruits, has a one quart capacity and costs $14.95.

Bosch is so sure you will love their juicing products, they offer a full one-year warranty on all Bosch Juicers or attachments.