Boric Acid, The King Of Natural Insecticide

Most natural insecticides are botanical in origin. Popular natural insecticides come from plants like Nicotine, Caffeine, Neem, Pyrethrum and Derris. But Boric acid is not botanical in nature. Boric acid is actually a bright powder from the California Deserts. The natural powder is mined for commercial marketing. In addition to eliminating insects, Boric acid is used to help certain foods longevity and has proven to be a great fire suppressor. In the early 1920’s, the first boric insecticide was invented to combat roaches. Today, there are hundreds of pesticide products that contain borates. Most of them contain chemicals along with boric acid that are not natural of course.

Boric acid is very dependable and effective. In the mid 1950’s a company began treating wood with boric acid due to termite infestation. Since then, the company and the wood industry have never looked back. Boric acid has proven highly effective against termites and wood beetles. But Boric acid as a natural insecticide has proven deadly to all pests. Boric acid works by attacking the nerve systems of insects. The natural insecticide also dries up the bodies of the dead insects. Like other natural insecticides, including those that are botanical; when boric acid is combined with other chemicals, the insecticide has longer effects. Combing Boric acid with other chemicals causes the destroying agent to seep through wood and even concrete.

The actual danger level to humans and other animals that make contact with Boric acid is confusing. Some say if it’s powerful to kill roaches, then it’s probably dangerous to humans. Yet, Boric acid is safely used around and for children. Ointments and diaper salves for rashes contain Boric acid. Some insulation in homes also includes Boric acid. All this exposure to humans from Boric acid would raise eyebrows if it was truly dangerous. But wide spread usage and applications of Boric acid continue today. Interestingly, Boric acid is odorless.

There is no question that Boric acid, is the king of natural insecticides against pests. Insects that fall under the power of Boric are: Cockroaches, Palmetto bugs, Water bugs, and all kinds of ants, Silverfish, insects that suck blood, Box-Elder bugs, and beetles of all species, insects with many legs, chirping bugs, Earwigs, termites and many other insects.
To make homemade Boric acid as a natural insecticide against ants: take one tablespoon of Boric acid and one tablespoon of sugar with four ounces of water. Mix the Boric acid and sugar. After mixing, dip a cotton ball into it or pour the mixture on the cotton ball. Simply place the cotton balls in the path of ants.

Homemade natural insecticide against termites would need anti-freeze mixed with the Boric acid. Simply mixing Boric acid with water then applying to surfaces kills most insects quite effectively. The solution can last for up to a year or until the surface is washed. Homemade natural insecticides should be given a few days to show results. For pet owners, using Boric acid as a powder and sprinkling it on the carpet will kill fleas and their eggs. The powder should remain in the carpet for about a week before being vacuumed for more effectiveness.