Boost your Metabolism with these First Class Foods

There are a number of ways you can help keep your metabolism ticking over. Regular exercise, properly planned meals and an improved diet are all essential elements which can work together to keep your metabolism high. However, there are certain groups of food which many believe to have metabolism boosting properties. Eating these foods alone will not super charge your metabolism. However, implementing them as part of an overall metabolism boosting plan can really improve its effectiveness. In this article I describe these foods and how they can help keep your metabolism high.

1) SUPER FOODS:- These are foods which are believed to aid weight loss, boost your metabolic rate, reduce cholesterol levels, lower the risk of heart disease and improve your mood. Super foods include; beans, blueberries, celery, grapefruit, oranges, pumpkin, salmon, tomatoes, walnut and yoghurt.

2) SPICY FOODS:- Spicy foods are believed to increase your metabolic rate temporarily by raising your body’s temperature which raises your heart rate and leads to an increased number of calories being burned. Spicy foods are also thought to have thermogenic properties which encourage the body’s fat burning process. When choosing spicy foods there are lots of options for you such as; buffalo wings, indian food, mexican food, peppers and thai food.

When eating spicy foods it is particularly important to make sure that you do not over indulge. Firstly, you should not over indulge because the fat burning effects of spicy foods are both limited and temporarily. Secondly, excessive consumption can produce a number of unwanted side effects such as stomach ulcers, acid reflux (which can lead to heartburn), irritation to the digestive tract and even damage to your tastebuds.

3) PUMPKIN SEEDS:- Pumpkin seeds are a particularly healthy snack food. They are high in protein, rich in fibre and most importantly low in calories. The high fiber content makes it more difficult for the body to process pumpkin seeds, meaning that more calories are burned in the digestion process.

Apart from their metabolism boosting properties pumpkin seeds are high in zinc which is known to boost the immune system and maintain prostate health in men during later life. They are also believed to benefit the digestive system.

4) WATER:- OK I know water is not technically a food but drinking water and staying hydrated is essential if you want to keep your metabolism working at an effective rate. If you do not drink enough water your body goes into water retention mode which reduces the number of calories your body will burn. Therefore, consuming adequate levels of water will help keep your metabolic rate high.

Increasing your metabolic rate is a complex process which depends on a number of factors. As I have already mentioned eating these foods alone will not instantly boost your metabolism. Eating too much, in certain circumstances, can even restrict your metabolic rate and damage your body. However, by incorporating the above foods into your diet in a moderated and controlled way, you can take your first steps towards an improved metabolism.