Booking your Wedding DJ

Finding a wedding dj for your big day can be time consuming and a challenge, but take a look online and you’ll find there are all kinds of wedding entertainers out there just waiting for you to book them! Choosing the perfect one from the wide choice you’re faced with is the next task so take a quick look at the tips below for some guidance.

Any established and professional dj for wedding will have their own website where videos and photos of them can be viewed. This is much more convenient and quicker than having to go along to watch them play live or arranging meetings to get a sense of their style. Just watch a few videos by different djs and draw yourself up a short list of the ones you like.

Before making any final decision you should always take a look at what past clients have said about entertainers, this feedback can be found on their websites and is invaluable in helping you make up your mind. Also arrange to meet up with them so you can see if you get on, a good entertainer will have an easy-going sense of humour and be friendly and easy to talk to. Some also offer you the ability to plan your reception online with an online planner that allows you to build music lists, select songs and ask for particular requests. Compile your own playlist via the website, fill in basic details and get an instant online quote.

Once you have made a choice then book your dj early if you don’t want to be disappointed, it might even be necessary to book as much as 6 months to a year in advance if you have your heart set on a particular person.

Next you need to confirm with a deposit, also read through the contract very carefully as changes may incur costs and you want to be sure that the price given includes everything, from the latest sound equipment and transportation to the number of hours played. All costs and fees should have been discussed with you beforehand and there should be no nasty surprises in store! The total price will be in the contract with any applicable taxes added.

After the dj is booked arrange another meeting well before the actual wedding day whereby you can get together and arrange the songs you want played in the order you prefer. They will have a song list of thousands to choose from and be able to offer you plenty of advice and recommendations of music that gets the dance floor full and everyone jiving. With everyone up dancing and enjoying themselves you can relax and have fun too. Your first dance with your new partner is also important and these are details that need time spent on them if you want everything to run smoothly on the day.

Other questions worth asking are how many years experience they have, particularly for wedding parties as the more they have the better they will be at coping with any problems or situations that may arise. A professional will know how to read the crowd and change the song accordingly making sure your night runs as smoothly as possible.

Expect your act to arrive early so they have time to set everything up well before the guests start to arrive, and have their sound check completed. As soon as people start to enter the room then the entertainment starts. Most djs and wedding singers should welcome any requests on the night as long as they are family-friendly!

If you’re interested in wedding entertainment Yorkshire, Lancashire or anywhere else in the UK then do a search online and find something that will suit your taste and style. Fun and affordable a wedding dj can create the perfect atmosphere and make your day a beautiful one to remember.