Bonsai Tips

In my view bonsai gardening is the one hobby you can take up and create something which can only be described as a stunning art form, even if, like me, you were born with as much natural flair for painting and drawing as Andre Agassi has for understanding retirement speeches.

There is now doubt that a well kept Bonsai tree is a thing of beauty; a miniature version of a full size tree that replicates the full sized tree but is small enough to fit in a pot on a table.

Genuine living art at its best.

So, how easy is it to grow one of these magnificent, miniature plants? There is no doubt that it takes some skill, patience and a little luck but it is not in fact as difficult as it seems. Let’s find out a little more about the fascinating hobby of bonsai gardening.

There is not really a limit on what type of trees can be grown as a bonsai although the most popular varieties these days are pine, juniper and maple. The trees are trained into the required shape by wiring, followed by judicious and careful pruning. The idea is that the wiring and pruning will produce a tree that looks like a tiny version of what you would normally see in a park or garden.

Caring for bonsai trees is something which also requires a little knowledge and experience; some trees are hardy and can survive a winter outside whilst others will need a more protected environment. Other important considerations in bonsai gardening relate to the tools that you need to do the work. It is very important that you have the right equipment. Whilst a basic set of tools is not particularly expensive the correct equipment is essential if you are to make your new hobby a success.

With the right tools and a little training you can quickly learn enough to start shaping your own bonsai trees. The shape of the tree is crucial and there are a number of different recognized styles that you can use for your plant. It is always a source of great enjoyment when over time you see your tree slowly but surely taking on the shape you had envisaged for it. A true reward for your developing bonsai gardening skills.

The presentation of a bonsai tree is absolutely vital and to this end you do need to ensure that your tree is displayed in the most suitable container. There are a huge variety of containers available and you should always be searching for something that will complement and enhance your tree; something that will allow your living art to shine.

The scope of this introduction article is obviously very limited and you will need to look into bonsai gardening more deeply to decide if it is really for you. However, I do hope that I have managed to raise some enthusiasm in the reader for at least taking the next step to finding out a little more about Bonsai gardening.