Boils Natural Treatments, Cures and Herbal Remedies

Boils are round pus-filled bumps on the skin which is caused by the bacteria infection. Usually it starts in a hair follicle. It is a skin infection which initially remains red in the area of infection and later develops a tender lump. After four to seven days the pus starts to collect under the skin. If deeper tissues of the skin get infected then it turns into abscess. Commonly it appears on the armpits, neck, face, shoulders and buttocks. It is known by the name of sty when it appears on the eyelid. When bois appear in group then it is known as carbuncle and it is very serious type of infection. It is also very contagious.

People suffering from few health problems results into skin infections like boils. Os the main cause of boils are poor hygiene, very poor nutrition, having some problem with the immune system, diabetes and irritation of the skin due to the exposure of some harsh chemicals.

Boils are usually small less than an inch small, hard red and painful lump in initial stage. Gradually the lump becomes larger, Softer and more painful. Some of its main symptoms are –

1. Around the boil the skin becomes red, swollen and more painful.
2. Around the original boil more boils appear.
3. Tendency of developing fever.
4. There is swelling in the lymph nodes.

Some of the important natural treatments for boils –

1. Boils can also be treated by the application of tomato paste. Apply this paste around the boil and cover it with a piece of gauze and tape and leave as it is overnight. Next morning the boil would have burst or have a tendency to burst. You can repeat this remedy if it is required.

2. You can also treat the boil by applying vinegar. Take big enough brown paper bag to cover the boil. Make several layers of this brown paper and dip it into the solution of distilled vinegar until it gets completely saturated. Place each layer of the brown paper dipped with vinegar solution over the wound and leave it overnight. Next morning we will see that either it has burst out or it is closely to burst.

3. Garlic is also very important for the treatment of boil. So include as much as garlic into your diet to prevent as well as to get rid from the boils.

4. The habit of good bowel movement is also necessary for the treatment of boils. So drink plenty of water and fiber to avoid constipation.