Bodybuilding Secret Revealed

What is Human Growth Hormone (HgH)?
Human growth hormone is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland that regulates the growth of children to adults as well as the growth and creation of new muscle cells. HgH is also responsible for fat metabolism and storage. The lack of HgH in the body can lead to increased fat deposits, especially in the abdomen, low energy levels, decreased lean muscle mass and a low level of strength and endurance. Low HgH levels are common in men over the age of 35 as the production of HgH peaks during puberty and continues to drop as we age.

It is possible to supplement with synthetic HgH and most people respond very well to this type of treatment. Complete reversal of the negative effects within 3-6 months is not uncommon.

HGH can add muscle
As mentioned previously, HgH production is at its peak during puberty and it is during this time that the body adds most new muscle cells. As we age the body produces less HgH and eventually our bodies stop producing new muscle cells at all.

Once we reach the age of 30 HgH has declined enough that the only way to increase muscle size is by increasing the size of existing muscle cells and this is very difficult in comparison to making new cells.

By adding supplemental HgH either from synthetic Hgh or HgH stimulating substances you can increase your natural HgH levels and continue creating new muscle cells and new lean muscle mass continually. Increasing the levels of HgH in your body allows you to overcome your genetic predisposition and add new muscle that was previously impossible.

HGH can add a pound of muscle a week
Steroids work primarily by increasing the amount of water in your muscle cells. Once you discontinue the steroids the water weight also goes, so your gains can be short lived. HgH in contrast increases the actual number of muscle cells and allows you to continue growing naturally. It is possible to add up to one pound of muscle a week while training and supplementing with synthetic HgH.

Another benefit of HgH is that it works as a metabolic booster and repartioning agent which will both increse the amout of fat your body uses as an energy source and redistribute existing fat stores. With increased HgH levels you will also find that your workouts will improve in intensity and length. And if you do happen to become injured you will recover much faster just as if you were a teenager again.

In summary
HgH will get you better results from your training, will give you more muscle cells and reduced fat deposits, will allow you to train harder, longer and more frequently and will allow you to heal faster if you become injured. If you are also using any kind of anabolic adding HgH will increase your bodies ability to benefit from the anabolic as well.

HgH will make you stronger, bigger and less fat while possibly even increasing your potential through it’s ability to grow more muscle cells. You will recover faster, heal faster and grow faster. HgH is approved for use by the FDA and has very few negative side effects.