Bodybuilding nutrition: A sound bodybuilding diet plan.

Beginning a new nutrition program is never easy, especially for beginners. If you are looking to learn how to structure your diet for building muscle and adding mass then follow the following proven principles of proven success.

Bodybuilding nutrition does not have to be a chore as many people think of it. You certainly do not have to starve! A bodybuilding diet plan is very healthy, and includes all of the major food groups, making it a complete nutrition solution that you can incorporate into your lifestyle. A sound nutrition plan has to include all of the essentials for health but muscle growth as well.

Therefore, a bodybuilding diet plan has to be higher in protein and healthy fats than most other diets. It’s also higher in energy potent carbohydrates and uses much different types of foods than most people consume in their normal daily eating habits. Bodybuilding diets do not include most of junk foods and unhealthy treats such as candy full of simple sugars, fried foods, white flour products and alcohol. If you want to follow a healthy lifestyle then you certainly must minimize your consumption of these unhealthy “delights”.

Here’s a sample bodybuilding diet plan that will work very well for pretty much anyone who is looking to add muscle mass. Depending on your weight and body fat levels, you may need to increase of decrease the amounts of foods consumed.

Meal 1
6 egg whites, 1 yolk
2 slices low fat cheese
3oz oatmeal
1 apple or banana
1 cup of low fat milk

Meal 2
6oz tuna in water
1 whole wheat bagel
1 tablespoon low fat mayo
1 tomato

Meal 3
8oz grilled chicken breast
2 baked potatoes
2 cups salad, low fat dressing

Meal 4
4oz turkey breast
2 slices whole wheat toast
2 slices low fat cheese
1 cup of low fat milk

Meal 5
8oz grilled steak
1.5 cups brown rice
2 cups salad or steamed vegetables
2 tablespoons olive oil for dressing

Meal 6
6 egg whites, 1 yolk
Half cup oatmeal
1 cup low fat milk

You can also include a daily multivitamin supplement to ensure you are getting all of the essential micronutrients needed for proper muscle growth and recovery.

This diet plan will provide you with all essential proteins for muscle building, carbohydrates for ample energy & glycogen replenishment and healthy fats for additional calories. Try to space meals 3 hours apart and always remembers to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Copyright (c) 2006 Konstantinos Marangopoulos