Bodybuilding Back Routine Day Part 2

This is a continuation of the first part of this article titled, “Bodybuilding Back Routine Day Part 1.”

We opt for our home gym today, it’s our cave so we can be a little more ourselves and get the shiznit done. The doors are open now and we’re on autopilot. Jay changes from “Mr. professional work guy” to ” The incredible human forklift”. I’m feeling a little small today so I suggest we start off with dead lifts in our back routine to try and boost some self-esteem. Just have to check to see if I have slid into the pencil neck strength zone yet. Nope, I’m still good. I hate looking average with my sweater on, but I can’t strip off till I get my pump. Funny how that works. We warm up with one, two, three and stop at four plates off the box. Now I can rip off the shirt. Felt kind of heavy till Jay said I had veins in my back. Now I’m ready to go. This feels like a good weight to work at. So we stay here. We pop off three sets of ten, eight and six and then drop back to three wheels for a back off set.

I don’t usually feel sweat running down my lower legs though, what’s up with that? Oh aren’t those pretty! I got nice red highlights on my sweats, both our shins are goo. That’s great, two weeks till I step on stage and I’ll have these monkey butt scabs on my shins. That should make the pro-tan look freaking great. Oh well, at least I know I still got some power, the diet can’t be eating away at me too much.

Back routine, phase two; I’m hoping its some kind of pull down because my lumbars are fried. Yeah, triangle grip pull downs, my little voice says “break time!” about a milli-second before jay goes “O.K., three or four strip sets sounds good!” Yeah, terrific. O.k., those are done, still getting good pumps at two weeks out, glad I read that Scott Abel stuff about sodium. Feels wrong to be using mustard on my chicken this close in though.

Phase three, v-grip t-bar rows. I used to think Jay was all right, now I think he sucks. Since its two weeks out I’ll nail off a couple sets of 20 reps, 10 strict and 10 squat, jerk, hernia reps. Just for the remote chance it will bring with it some back vascularity. Ahh, that’s what I was looking for. The feeling that my lat is going to rip off my armpit and whip around and slap me in my left eye. I must really be having a good back workout. What’s next forlift? I hope you said super sex. I like super sex. No super sex? Oh, you said “Supersets”, crap. So its going to be v-grip rows and behind the back pull downs, lets go then.

Ooooh, what’s that? Yup, I seen it Jay. That look. Jays getting wupped too! Now we’re in the same place. The place of champions, winners and the alpha male. The place that the wanna -be’s pretend doesn’t exist. The land that’s only seen from afar by the second place finishers. The zone that causes mister average to take water breaks or admire his pipe (cleaners) in the mirror.

But then it’s gone. With a snort and a grunt of disapproval, we break on through to the other side of focus and loose it. It’s the only place left for the barbaric males in us to vent our frustration and engage in rage fed activity. Form is the second priority. Common sense and reason has been dominated by something primal and pure. (Flashes of bringing a fitness babe back to my cave on my shoulder grow stronger with each passing of the spandex clad blonde.) And then that’s it; final set, final rep of our back routine. Release and accomplishment fill what used to be a tired and worn out body.

I’m going to feel like a million bucks for the next hour or so, thanks to my endor