Bodybuilding – Abdominal Muscle Exercise Training

The lower abdominal region is the area beneath the navel, while the area above the navel is considered the upper abdominal region. These muscles do not exist in isolation, and always ‘co-contract’ with the oblique abdominal muscles (the sides) and the lower back.

Contraction of the upper abdominal muscles tends to bring the ribs towards the pelvis. Imagine you are lying on your back for the traditional abdominal crunch. When your shoulders are raised off the floor, the action is initiated by the upper abdominal muscles. When it comes to somebody what to improve the condition of their ab muscles then they need to do more than just carry out a few exercises which have been designed to work on them. A person needs to take a closer look at their genetic structure as well as their age and their gender as all these factors will actually determine the type of abdomen shape a person has. But having said this if you do incorporate the right exercises into your fitness regime you will find that they help towards improving the condition of your ab muscles a lot.

The most effective types of exercises that you can use in order to improve, tone and condition your abdominal muscles will involve you doing some resistance training. As with all the major muscle groups to be found in the human body (arms, legs and back) you will find that your abdomen ones react in a more positive way when you use resistance training exercises.

Also choose those exercises which are actually going to make your muscles feel tired even though you may only have done 20 repetitions. Using these kinds of exercises will ensure that you are actually utilizing the muscles more effectively and the results that will be achieved are far better as well.

The most effective of all the abdominal muscle exercises a person should be looking to improve their condition are the standard and combination crunch and the reverse curl. But as well as exercising if you really want to see improvement in your stomach area you need to make changes to your diet. What is the point of exercising if you continue to eat the same kinds of foods which have actually caused you to put on weight in the first place. Below we provide some information on how you should carry out the exercises we have mentioned above.

With the standard crunch you will first need to get yourself in to a prone position on your back on the floor. It might be wise to put a mat or blanket underneath you especially if you are laying on a wooden floor. Then slowly raise your legs up until your feet are flat on the floor and your knees are bent. As soon as you are in this position comfortably you should start to raise your shoulders up off the floor and make your ribs move towards your hips. But you need to actually prevent your should from raising up above your shoulder level and the easiest way to do this is by pretending that you are holding on to a piece of fruit which has been placed under your chin. When first using this exercise and to avoid putting too much strain on your body you should place your hands on your chest. Then as your muscles begin to grow stronger then you can choose to place your hands either at the side or above your head.

When it comes to the reverse curl this exercise has been specifically designed to work on the fibrous matter to be found in the lower and side ab muscle in your body. Once more you need to lay on the floor (with some sort of protection underneath you) and then bend your knees up towards your chest in to a position that is not uncomfortable. However you must make sure that as you raise your knees towards your chest your hips remain touching the floor. Once you have got yourself into the correct position you need to start raising your hips off the floor. But rather than just pulling your knees closer to your chest you need to contract your abs muscles and this will help to bring your knees towards your chest. Also whilst doing this exercise in order for it to be really effective you must make sure that your legs do not swing to either side.

But if after a while you start to find both the standard crunch and reverse curl a little easier to do then why not try out the combination crunch instead. This is more challenging as it requires you to actually do the 2 exercises previously mentioned in this article at the same time.

Its important to remember for those that are aiming to have a well defined mid-section that two key areas will help with this. The first is your genectics – which you can’t change, basically if your parents have given you a fat gene, you’re got a harder but not impossible task ahead.

The second rule to getting a six-pack, which is even more important than the exercise you do, is the food you eat – if your covering your hard work in the gym with your poor work in nutrition, then your never expose your abs.