Bodybuilding: a complete discipline

Bodybuilding has been around since 1880, but grew to be a competitive sport around 1930. Eugen Sandow is known as one of the pioneer of Modern Bodybuilding. He was a bodybuilder who took his workouts very seriously and made a science out of bodybuilding. He then later competed in tournaments against other men to display their strength. He is also known to have invented the first dumbbells and exercise machines. Sandow his said to be the inventor of the formula for the ideal physique based upon his own body’s criterias.
The most prestigious body building competition today is Mr. Olympia. It started in 1965. The winner receives a bronze statue of Sandow. Serious bodybuilders from all over the world compete in this much publicized event. This competition has taken an expansion in 1980 when they introduced the feminine part of it with Ms. Olympia contests in 1980. Every year, limits are pushed back as the quest for the best and strongest bodies continues.

Rules and regulations for competition bodybuilding are getting tighter every year. Drugs and illicit substances are being controlled and anyone caught using them in a competition is automatically disqualified. Bodybuilding is becoming more and more a discipline of endurance and health. During bodybuilding competitions, the same strict testing as the ones use during the Olympics is used.
Severe criteria are applied in judging bodybuilding competition. The size and shape of muscles are a very important part of the judging process. The size should be exceptional and the shape should be appealing. Muscles that are well defined and good looking will get a good rating from the judges.

Anyone interested in engaging in serious bodybuilding should always consult their physician first. Never exercising beyond one’s physical tolerance is a must. Patience is a must as it takes long time to build the body you want. After a certain point though, the rewards will start to poor in and it gets easier as the muscle mass is increasing.

A particular situation is for teenagers to start bodybuilding. When starting a bodybuilding program, a teenager must respect his own growing needs and never exert beyond physical tiredness. Teen bodybuilders should only train 3 to 5 days per week. The body needs to rest because it is still growing. The caloric intake should be calculated according to the growing needs of the teenager body plus the needs form the bodybuilding program.

When engaging in bodybuilding, a teenager should know that the rate of growth of his muscle can be less than one of an adult bodybuilder. It is recommended to train each part of the body only 1 time per week. Compound exercises such as bench pressing, squats, shoulder press, rowing, and deadlights will yield the best benefits. The key to a successful bodybuilding program for teenagers is to balance volume and intensity. The higher the volume, the lower the intensity should be. If one is working at a high intensity level, then the volume should decrease.

Bodybuilding requires patience and commitment for anyone to see tangible results. After a certain point though, the results can be impressive and daily compliments are a guaranteed reward.