Body Signals In Self Defense And Aura

The releases of the aura response transmit throughout the body and mind. The aura is a sort of energy field that often reflects on our mental and physical state. Because many people cannot see the aura, they often feel confused and ignorantly refuse to accept that it exists.

It helps to understand the aura and what how it functions. When you have a richer understanding of something, you often can find meaning. Meaning gives one a richer concept of understanding, which will move them to acceptance.

When the aura is weak, it affects the person mentally and physically. It also affects other people around you. On the other hand, the aura can affect our mental and physical state.

How do I strengthen the aura?

The aura expands because it is the ring that surrounds the stars and beams down on human life. Aura then is light expansion, which we can use it to strengthen our self-defense. According to medical experts, light can reduce migraine headaches and other illnesses, thus reducing the symptoms.

Lately, new researches came available, which has caused some serious confusion, simply because now people believe they have the ability to strengthen their aura. Well, in some ways they do, since they can enhance the light inside of them by cultivating their spiritual nature. We are not born spiritual creatures; rather we must work hard to cultivate these fruitage by learning facts. The only way to learn these facts is by reading the bible and probing into each sentence to discover truthful meaning without influences persuading us in any way.

We think of the many times that certain religious sects mislead so many people by encouraging them to believe in superstition, which derived from Catholic beliefs. The bible tells us to sway away from these divinations, yet the religious sects continue to push these beliefs on others. Another false belief that affected many people causing them to fall prey to relying on astronomy, tarot card readers, magic, and other divination forces. We must stay clear of these evils in order to strengthen our aura. Psychics enact other forms of divination, which we must stay clear of as well.

By staying clear of divinations, we can strength the aura, since the light will shine brighter. Still, we must also consider health, mind, body and other aspects of our human makeup to strengthen that aura further.

It is often difficult for any of us to work toward the light, yet we must “put on the suit of armor,” picking up our “sword,” and continue the fight. Keep in mind, picking up the sword does not mean to act aggressively or violent, it means that we must struggle toward the light by continuing to learn and recognize the truth.

Once more, strengthen the aura goes further. One must also understand scientific, philosophy, ideology; religion and other understanding that lead us to this topic. By combing the subjects together and learning more about their understanding, we can draw our own conclusions. It is wise to use the bible, since in the Holy Scriptures, you will find the truth, “and the truth will set you free.”

We must heed warning. Listen to the signs. Heeding warning allows us to stay on our toes and watch out for false prophecies, witnesses, divinations and other harmful influences in our environment that could lead us away from the light and weaken the aura. Lastly, when you look up at the sky and notice the rings that form around the stars, you will know then that the aura is your guiding light that could take you far.