Body Piercing Jewelry – Then & Now

Body piercing, according to the Bible, existed around 2000 years ago amongst the nomadic tribes. This art form was very popular and people used to love getting their body pierced. But in places like Egypt, members of the royal family were the only people allowed to get body piercing done. There are many reasons behind such discrimination. It is said that the right to get body piercing in Egypt was based on different castes and cultures. For instance, Roman warriors considered this art form as a symbol that represented their strength. Their approach towards this form of piercing was very practical. At the same time in other cultures, body piercing was famous as a method of enhancing beauty.

During the Medieval period, masses condemned body piercing and many communities even banned it for members. But, it gained its popularity back after some time and people started using it as a method to show off their status and wealth. They used to wear body jewelry so that people could see how wealthy they were. A decade ago, this art form was associated with youth and rebellious nature. According to many youngsters, this was not only the ‘in’ thing but also helped them to showcase their personality.

Current body piercing and body jewelry scenario: As far as body piercing in modern times is concerned, various personal attitudes and societal attitudes have been associated with it. In the present scenario, this change is very interesting. For instance, in India, nose piercing and ear piercing has always been popular from ancient times. There are many different reasons that can be associated with other body piercing forms being introduced. The major reason for the popularity of this art form is body adornings and beauty enhancements. For today’s young people, it is like a fashion statement. They feel that through body piercing they can express themselves and stand out from the rest. Many people indulged for sexual stimulation or increase sexual pleasure. For gay couples, piercing is a form of identification. Many celebrities can also be seen sporting piercing and the market is full of body piercing jewelry.

Body piercing jewelry: Nipple piercing jewelry has been very popular since ancient period and even in recent times people indulge because it is popular for enhancing sensual stimulations. Nose piercing jewelry is very popular too and star celebrities like Lenny Kravitz and Madonna sport their nose piercing. Naval piercing is also referred to as belly piercing and youngsters find it very seductive.

Labret piercing jewelry is used to enhance beauty and trendy piercing jewelry can be worn on labret. People in Central America just love it. Ear piercing jewelry is indulged in by men as well as women. Tongue piercing jewelry is very interesting and stars like Mel B and Janet Jackson showcase it. Eyebrow jewelry is seen on many celebrities and young people.

Initially, people used metal and wood to get body piercing done, but today many other safe materials are used. Steel, semi-precious stones, silver, diamond and gold are used in body piercing jewelry today. Make sure a professional does piercing for you.