Blooging with Joomla

Whenever anyone is tasked with creating a business website, they would naturally turn to web professionals to make a corporate website that is filled with content that everyone around the world will view. If they had internet access, they could download the Joomla Content Management System and have access to numerous template modules that would truly customize what their corporate image is in very little time.

Since Joomla is an open source web solution, it is free and that should make many corporate professionals very happy. They might request that a blog be created on the corporate website and will be pleasantly surprised when a blog module has been installed and is working perfectly by the end of the business day.

There are many modules that can be changed around in a Joomla template to further expand the creativeness of the web developer that has been tasked with managing the corporate website. The Joomla Content Management System website has a blog that developer’s use all of the time to discuss the various areas of programming that go into creating a Joomla template.

Some of the software modules for the Joomla open source program are free, and others have been developed by the core software development team and are offered at a reasonable price. There are many blog modules available in the core management teams databases, so any type of blog can be selected and used on websites around the world.

A Joomla site is easy to manage and any corporate blogs could be updated several times in a very short amount of time. The community of developers that are devoted to extending the open source library get very creative when they are coding for a blog module, and many of these blogs will have insertion points where photos can placed to let the world know what the blogger looks like.

The expandable framework offered by Joomla gets the creative juices flowing. By adding a browser based interface to their website, a blog could be generated to publish press releases, or keep employees at several corporate offices in tune with the latest changes in corporate policy. The blogs are not restricted to one size either because the framework of Joomla is so expandable.

The blogging software that is included in the Joomla Content Management System is part of a large number of extensions that are made available by open source code developers around the world. This blogging software is compatible with image and multimedia galleries on a website, and will work well when posted on a website that simply features directory services for clients to use around the world.

Freedom of Speech is virtually assured with the blogging software in the Joomla Content Management System. In fact, people might want to discuss many things during the course of a day, and through those discussions feel very open about sharing their extension for Joomla with the rest of the world. Joomla can be test driven before it is implemented into any company intranet, and it is very search engine friendly, so the rest of the world will quite possibly notify the corporation that they are happy to read the positive news about their company through this handy copy of blog software.