Black American health issues

It is past time that people take their health into their own hands. You can not depend on doctors to keep you healthy. Doctors do not deal with health. They deal with health problems and diseases! For most health problems and diseases doctors know exactly what to do. They know exactly what drug to give you to knock it out or to superficially keep it under control. They do not know how to keep you healthy.

How many times has a doctor told you what to eat to stay healthy? Probably none! How many times has a doctor told you what supplement to take to stay healthy? Probably none! How many times has a doctor told you what drug to take to keep a condition under control? Probably Many, Many times! Drugs can not keep you healthy. Drugs can help bring you back to health or help keep a problem or condition under control but can not keep you healthy. With proper nutrition your own body is what keeps you healthy.

It is alleged that most of us overcook our food.

There is no way to half cook collards or turnip greens and have them to taste as good as they are when fully cooked. Can you imagine eating a raw sweet potato pie, macaroni and cheese with raw or half-cooked macaroni or half-cooked barbecue? Not hardly!

Would you believe potato salad made with half cooked or raw potatoes? Not on your life! Half cooked chicken and dressing sounds disgusting. What do you think about medium rare chitterlings? Yuck! There is nothing wrong with the way we cook our foods. Besides, even if we wanted to (which I don’t) it would be next to impossible to change the eating habits of an entire culture.

Besides, we are the way that we are as humans because of the fact that we do cook our food. If we didn’t cook our food we would need a gut like a gorilla to digest all that raw food. We owe our nice sexy human shape to the fact that our ancestors started cooking their food eons ago.

While we like our foods fully cooked, we do need to add a few raw fruits and nuts to our diet to round out the health benefits.

Among the many fruits and nuts that very good and good for us there are some that a considered to be super foods, such as, blueberries, pomegranate, almonds and brazil nut. They not only nourish the body but they also help undo much of the damage that was incurred as a result of normal metabolism.

More than half of our population is deficient in vitamin D especially darker skinned individuals. Vitamin D is important for strong bones and especially for the health of our immune system. Supplementing with Vitamin D is necessary for optimum health.