Bird Watching In Your Own Backyard

Bird Watching in Your Own Backyard

If you like watching the curious nature, frolicking and flitting of birds, bird watching in your own backyard can truly be a joy. It’s amazing just how many bird species you can observe. If you don’t think there are that many birds in your backyard, there are a couple of things you can try that will attract them. With bird baths, different types of bird feeders and a great bird house, it won’t be very long before you have some special visitors.

If you want to add a birdhouse to your yard, birds will potentially make their home in it. They will not only visit the birdhouse from time to time, but if it is comfortable and secure, they might choose to make it where they hatch their eggs. This would truly be a treat because you may get a peek at the babies every so often, or when it is time to fly. Not only is a birdhouse a place the birds will love to be, but it is a beautiful backyard decoration too. There are of course various shapes, sizes and types of birdhouses, and what you decide on will depend on your particular preferences.

There are many different bird feeders available, and the majority of them fall into three different categories. There are tray feeders, hoppers, and tube feeders. Tube feeders are shaped like a cylinder, with a landing place at the opening where the feed comes out. Tube bird feeders are great for various types of seed, just as long as the holes are wide enough for the seed to come through. Hopper feeders will be appealing to birds that could be wary of tube and tray feeders. For birds that are smaller, tray feeders are wonderful. If it doesn’t matter to you what types of birds come to your yard, and you’d rather enjoy any bird that shows up, you can buy a general seed bird food. The bulk of bird seed can attract many different types of birds, since it’s got several varieties of seed. If you would rather have a particular bird species to visit your yard, then you want to include a seed or food that appeals to that specific species.

A bird bath is a wonderful thing to add to your yard if you want more birds to visit. They like to wade and splash around in the water, and if you keep it clean, that’s even better. You can pick from traditional bird baths, or you might opt for something a little different, like a solar powered fountain of some kind. A bird bath with moving water is more appealing to wild birds that normally wouldn’t frequent a more standard fountain, like warblers, robins, humming birds and thrushes. Birds especially enjoy moving water, and it attracts them easily. Bird baths are also terrific looking in your garden. There are some that love bird baths for the fact that they make birds come closer than they customarily would. A bird bath is an excellent chance to take some fantastic pictures, and just enjoy the company of the birds.

Implementing these three things can help to make your backyard a little more attractive to birds. A few other simple things you can add are sweet-smelling flowers, and crevices and openings so that the birds can hide. If birds feel secure in your yard, they’ll stick around. Have a fantastic time bird watching!

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