Bird Bath Heater

One of the more enjoyable aspects of animals is that they act in interesting ways that sometimes seem to mimic our behavior. Birds have this tendency as well. They call to each other to come and have some great food, or to be aware of danger, they will even invite other birds to come and take a nice cleansing bath. For winter bird bathing having a bird bath heater will still let you take advantage of your bird watching hobby.

As birds need water to drink and to cleanse themselves, having a bird bath near a bird feeder is a wonderful idea. The more experienced bird watcher will have many different treats left out for the birds no matter what the season is like. Unfortunately these treats may not be enough for the birds in the cold or freezing weather.

Therefore a heated bird bath will provide winter chilled birds with a good supply of fresh water to drink and the chance to get nice and clean. The added bonus of having a heater is that the winter chill won’t be able to freeze the water.

There are many types of bird bath heaters that you can buy. For all of these heaters you should first see if you have an external power source available. By chance if your house doesn’t have such power sources then have an electrician install this power unit.

Afterwards all you need to do is heat the water with your bird bath heater unit and then once the water is at the right temperature, remove the heater. You can then keep watch as lots of different birds come to your bird bath. They will love the hot de-iced water and you can be sure of having an endless stream of feathered visitors to your garden. You may even be surprised to see some uncommon bird varieties.

On the other hand if you don’t want to spend time looking for a misplaced bird bath heater, then you can buy an all in one heated bird bath. This type of bird bath heater has the heating unit already placed inside of the bird bath. Once you switch the unit on, the water in the bath will continue to keep hot at the right temperature.

Whether you are an experienced bird watcher or just a novice you can gain a lot of enjoyment by having feeders and a bird bath in your garden. To make sure that you get different species of birds to your garden in the winter, the main thing that you will need is a bird bath heater or an all in one heated bird bath to lure them over to your garden. Then just sit back and enjoy the show from the cozy warmth of your home.