Bikini Body Here I Come- 5 Great Reasons Not to Jump Into the Fad Diet or Crazed Workout Routine

Copyright 2006

Summer is fast approaching. This is the time of year where everyone who fell off the New Year’s weight loss bandwagon suddenly becomes frozen with fear. They realize that they have not met their goals to have a bikini body by this summer. Panic sets in and unfortunately so do bad decisions.

Warmer weather and beach vacation plans are a sign of fad diets, intense workouts, and miracle fat loss pills. People looking to slim down by summer need results and they need them fast! I am here to give you 5 great reasons not to jump into the fad diet or crazed workout routine.

1) You Will Destroy Your Metabolism. Any diet that restricts your caloric intake, eliminates a food group or contains the word “cabbage” will not work. Not eating 5-6 small healthy meals per day will hurt your metabolism. It will slow down and become sluggish. The only way to rev it back up is to eat more healthy foods in the right amounts.

2) You Will Gain Back the Weight- Plus Some. It’s happened before. As soon as you stop taking the miracle pill or as soon as you stop doing cardio for an hour every day the weight comes piling back on- plus some. You must make a lifestyle change to keep unwanted fat away for good.

3) You Will Be Quite Moody. Not eating or restricting your calories will leave you moody and sleepy. Sure you may have lost 3 pounds, but no one wants to be around you. Losing fat the healthy way will leave you feeling refreshed, energized and absolutely glowing with charm.

4) You Will Be Heading In the Wrong Direction. Not only is excessive exercise bad for you, but it also takes time away from reaching your goals. 3 weeks of over-exercising is 3 weeks not working out responsibly. It moves you further away from your goal of a bikini body.

5) You’ll Be Known as a Yo-Yo Queen. You know what I am talking about. People will know that you are taking the easy way out. They will also know that in 3 weeks you will not be working out anymore. They may even place bets on how much fat you gain after you realize restricting calories and over-exercising is not a long-lasting or permanent solution to fat loss. Prove them wrong!

Deep down we all know that the only way to permanently lose fat is to adopt a healthy and fit lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle means eating enough healthy food throughout the day. It involves carbs, proteins and healthy fats. A healthy lifestyle also means a responsible and safe workout program. A great program will include strength training, cardio and regular rest days.

It is possible to melt the fat and have a bikini body by summer. There is no secret workout plan, there is no miraculous pill, and there is no new diet that will give you long lasting happiness. If you are serious about fat loss then do it right this time around. Get a great plan and get moving. Summer is coming!