Beyond New Year’s Resolutions: Celebrating YOU!

You and I may be alike in many ways when it comes to making those resolutions we always make around this time of year. What I found so often was that the “new program” kinds of resolutions, like losing weight, eating better, turning off the TV, etc., seem to last from about one to three weeks, and then we experience what I think is inevitable when we stop the program: we feel like we’ve failed once again.

And that ain’t such a great way to start the new year, it seems to me.

So in the original spirit of this Festival time from the ancient Celtic traditions that ring true for me and my Irish blood, I’m going to propose to you a new way of looking at this new year as a time of rebirth of who you are, instead of setting yourself up for yet another failure.

I hope that sounds better to you–it does to me!

Here’s the key: There is no program, resolution, or even place on this Earth where you can go, that will not include YOU in that experience! So, why not focus on bringing the best YOU forward, enjoying this life as best you can, living to the fullest potential you’re capable of, and thriving as a person?

Here’s how to go about doing this, actively, starting right now:

1. Look for evidence in your life of miracles. Seek out the synchronous, look for the joyful, find the loving connection all around you. The more you do so, the more they’ll show up for you, guaranteed, or double your unhappiness back!

2. Surround yourself with ideas and contexts that are uplifting. Bring into your life those people, authors, friends, family members who make you feel like you have something to give, that you are worthwhile just in who you are today, and you don’t have to prove to them that you can actually6 just be in this life. You are not a “sinner”, you are a Child of God, just like the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here!

3. Finally, accept the good that comes your way. When something works out well for you, say, “Thank you, Universe!” When a person compliments you, thank them directly by saying, “Thank you. I appreciate you saying that about me.” When you set forth a desire in your life, open your heart and soul to receiving it.

If you take these steps, you’ll experience a “New Year’s Revolution!” in who you are as a person. Have fun with these ideas for making this year one where the best YOU shows up!

Copyright (c) 2007 Don McAvinchey