Beware routine

Whilst travelling in to work today, I happened upon an idea quite by chance. As I was walking through the very busy train station at London’s Victoria, towards the tube station, I realised that I had made pretty much the entire journey on auto pilot quite unthinkingly! Now you may think to yourself that in and of itself that is nothing unusual, why you even do it yourself every day.

You very well may do, but what struck me was a potential analogy I could make between dull, boring routines on our daily commute and the dull, boring routines we may be carrying out in our fitness training!

It occurred to me, that what many of us may be doing, (I have done it myself)are stuck doing the same gym circuit, or group of exercises and wondering why we are under motivated and considering stopping exercising all together (if we have not all ready done so!).

This is crazy! It is the equivalent of banging our head on a brick wall and wondering why our head is hurting! If anything becomes too repetitive we will become despondent and lack enthusiasm, so why put up with it in our training and fitness?

Change is indeed essential when training in the gym or with your personal trainer, as your body becomes accustomed to the stress you are subjecting it to. The body is really rather clever. It is always trying to maintain an equilibrium or “status quo” within the body, which means it adapts quickly to what you are training it to do, but then wants to do no more, to stay the same (at your current level).

We can overcome this training plateau by constantly challenging ourselves. I find it particularly useful, as well as great fun, to engage in a new sport, every other week, or once a month.

If you usually play football, try out table tennis down your local leisure centre. Go with your partner or family, make it fun! Sometimes, just a change of scenery is all you need to become re enthused for training hard.

Another fantastic, fun, training variation is what we call here, at Dax Moy’s fitness studio in Islington, North London, the integrated movement training. It’s an amazing workout, very thorough, using all of your body’s 600+ muscles, very quick and really fun!

I hope this has made you think about your routine (your bad ones anyway!).

I wish you nothing but the greatest of fun and laughter, keep training and have fun